6 Things a man does when no longer loves a woman

Removing the band from the eyes is not always easy, it is not always possible, we do not always like it. But it is well known that to be reborn you have to hit bottom, finish what hurts, overcome and move forward.

Thousands of women daily are held captive by a love that no longer exists and that they refuse to leave for fear of following their path in life “alone”.

Their excuse, in the case of married women, is children and when you are dating, many women tend to think that no one else can love them.

But what they do not understand is that the life they lead today is nothing but the hell itself here on earth, that the man who one day wanted them, does not want them anymore, nor will he want them again because there are simply subjects who do not even love themselves.

Dear, if you somehow suspect that he no longer loves you, open your eyes now, do not let life go, do not let sadness consume your days. Goodbye hurts, but it will free you.

These are 6 phrases that men use when they are no longer in love, they are a sign that your partner is experiencing problems (even without you having noticed).

6 Things a man does when no longer loves a woman

1. “You are an exaggerated”

This inoffensive phrase in another kind of context may be the symbol that he has lost the empathy he felt for you before.

If when you express that you feel tired, or that your day has been very long, or that you no longer give anymore, his reaction is to tell you that you “exaggerate”, it is time to sit down to talk about it.

Valuing what each one does for the other or for the family are indispensable elements for a coexistence in harmony.

6 Things a man does when no longer loves a woman

2. “I’m not interested anymore”.

According to Christian Denmon, a lawyer specializing in divorce, the fact that your husband tells you that something referred to you “no longer interests him” is one of the first signs that your relationship is heading towards a divorce.

You must be the most important person in your husband’s life and vice versa. If something of yours does not interest him anymore, even if the phrase is part of an argument you are having, you should pay attention.

3. “If you had done what I told you, now I would not have to be screaming at you”.

Your husband should never raise his voice, especially not because you did not “do something he told you to do”. Yelling at someone is a synonym for having lost your respect, and it is a line that you and your husband should never cross.

Mutual respect is a key ingredient in any type of human relationship. Screaming, unless it is because otherwise, the person could not physically hear you, can never be justified.

4. “I do not want to talk about anything”.

The communication and the type of physical affection between two people who are married are the two factors that differentiate us from the other species.

We are rational beings who think and then act. We use communication to express what we want.

When your husband closes the dialogue and prefers not to talk about the issue that afflicts you, it does not give rise to the relationship to grow up, nor to the problem to be solved.

It is important that you look for the opportune moment, and with gentleness and patience, you create an environment conducive to dialogue.

5. “I have no need to tell you where I went”.

You should not be the jailer of your husband, nor he yours, but this type of expression implies the existence of secrets or the lack of respect towards the other.

Even if we marry, we all continue to exist as an individual being, and therefore, we need to breathe freely, but telling his wife where he is is not losing the freedom.

In this type of situation, it is important to talk to your husband and review your lives again because it is important that both can continue to trust each other.

6. “I wish I had never met you”.

This is probably the most devastating phrase that someone can hear. Being the “guilty” of everything bad that has happened to someone since the day they met you, is a burden that nobody likes to carry.

Although this phrase can be used frequently at the time of an argument in which one may be very obfuscated, it is not good for your husband or anyone to take it lightly.

Most people who use this phrase do not do it because they really believe that you are to blame for everything bad that happened to them since they met you; they use it to hurt and that’s why you have to talk about it and stop it.

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