5 Things to do when he moves away

We refer to when it is a worthwhile man who is moving away, sometimes it happens and has a solution.

First of all, we must identify that it is a worthwhile man, not someone immature who thinks that loving is the same as deserving, if it is a jerk that crossed your path, the best thing is to let him go where he came from.


If the man is stable, safe, respectful and well adapted socially, that has shown you that he wants to share his life with you, but, for some reason, has gradually moved away, do not worry, you can face this situation.

When a man needs distance, having someone pushing him to talk, only makes the situation worse.

His apparent unwillingness to talk is not always that he does not want you to know anything about what he is thinking, maybe he is just looking for the right words.

This can help you understand a man’s mind and know what to do when he moves away:

5 Things to do when he moves away

1. Understand your role in the internal struggle that unleashes within the man.

One of the worst things you could do is, give him sermons, make compulsive complaints, try to teach him how to act or justify yourself with your own feelings.

Instead of solving things, the only thing you will achieve is to activate his desire to flee further away from you.

2. You must control your own emotions, so that he feels understood by you, and not upset or pressured.

Recognize the warning symptoms that indicate that he needs space, and you should give it to him!

Does he show himself little communicative? Give him time to think about what he is so worried about. Time and space, keywords and accurate!

3. You can neutralize your negativity with the power of perspective.

Keep in mind that he probably does not have the slightest idea that he makes you feel lonely and hurts you.

Show yourself as a flexible person and undertake a harmonious dialogue based on sincerity and respect.

4. You must wait, and let him come to you.

When this happens, do not make him feel guilty.

Now you are in the position to choose if you want to allow the relationship to return to normal.

5. You should not forget that we all have the right to have a private life,

to find ourselves in the midst of loneliness and silence and not wanting to talk, temporarily, with anyone.

(Source: https://www.enpareja.com)