Worst Ways To Flirt

You have decided to conquer that man you love so much, and you begin to unfold your techniques of seduction and conquest.

But the task is not as simple as it seemed, and the lover not only does not pick up your signals but moves away more and more.

Maybe you are using the worst ways of flirting a boy, something like a universal truth in the world of love.

So that you do not continue making mistakes, and finally conquer your boy, we recommend you check this out.

Worst Ways To Flirt

5. Wait for hours to reply to a text message.

Let’s be honest, it’s natural to want to wait a bit to answer the message you received, not only to think about the answer but also about what you can avoid if you show yourself too anxious.

But if what you are looking for is to make him wait or seem indifferent, what you can get is just the opposite. The bad news is that most guys realize when a woman is waiting to answer as a way to play.

But if the boy in question has some idea of your times, and knows that in the afternoon you can answer him, he might think you’re not interested.

Of course, it’s not a question of answering as soon as you receive the message, so just give him time to breathe.

Remember: do not wait too long, but the conversation will evaporate.

4. Look at him provocatively and expect him to approach.

This technique of flirting is passive and easy and avoids the anxiety caused by the initiative. But if you only expect him to take the first step, you can lose a great opportunity!

Eye contact may not be enough to get a man’s attention: it’s just a way to signal your interest, but not the only option. So take courage, and if he follows your game, come closer.

Maybe it’s a shy boy who needs a little push.

3. Paying attention to his friend waiting for him to notice you.

It’s the oldest trick to flirt the friend.

It is less intimidating than doing it with the very same boy, but what you will provoke with this attitude are only confused intentions.

This technique of passive flirting can be extremely counterproductive because if you get your boy or friend to invite you out, you will find yourself at a crossroad.

The important thing is that you give him some sample of direct attention and let him take the initiative.

2. Ask him for advice about the other guys.

You would not like in the least that the man you like asks you for help to invite a girl out, right?

Well, do not think that he will be the difference!

Actually, it can be an insult for a guy to ask for advice on how to conquer other guys.

On the contrary, what you could do to him are general questions like “What are you men looking for nowadays?” Or “How would you describe the perfect girl?”

Thus, he will not only know that you are in search of a love but also you will know what he wants.

1. Make him work hard.

If the boy shows interest and invites you to a date, do not be afraid to say yes. It may seem like a good idea to play at a distance, but not all kids react in the same way.

In addition, falling into persistence can cause a bit of confusion, if the “No” is really “No” or is just a way to generate more interest.

Get to work, avoid these worst ways to flirt and conquer the boy of your dreams once and for all!