Ways To Flirt Typical of men

Not only do women flirt, men do too, and very well!

If you want to know what are the 7 ways to flirt that present the majority of males examples, come with me.

Ways To Flirt Typical of men

Ways To Flirt Typical of men

Ways To Flirt Typical of men

1. They look provocatively.

That “special” look is the main way they provoke and flirt.

It’s his way of smiling with his eyes and letting you think about what he meant by this.

2. Pretend to be the “interesting” ones.

One way to flirt they almost always use is to make themselves interesting.

When they find the lady of their dreams they will try by all means to let you know but without telling you directly.

Although they may not always work, hints are his most subtle way of flirting.

3. They make original compliments.

They are likely to make all kinds of observations about your appearance, some of them more or less original.

For example, in addition to the so-called “what a pretty smile you have” or “I like your eyes a lot” he can choose to praise your hands, your shoulders and even your feet.

4. They show their physical state.

They spend hours in the gym to get marked muscles and then boast their figure in front of the ladies.

If that’s not a plain flirt then I do not know what it is.

5. They tell jokes right and left.

If a man makes you laugh with his witticisms and jokes, he does clowning and wants you to always be happy, friend, I affirm that this is one of his ways of flirting.

Making women laugh is a good way to flirt and most of the time it gives an excellent result in terms of love conquests.

6. They are gentlemen.

Men also conquer through the small details.

One way to flirt undisputed is to be attentive, open the doors for you to come first, offers your help, pay the bill and even gives a flower with a charming gesture.

Flirtation? I think so!

7. They are interested in the small details.

Flirting can also be understood as interest in the lady of his dreams.

He may want to know everything about her and ask her subtly details of her life.

Isn’t it flattering that a man is interested in your things and wants to know more about you?

Well I think so and this way of doing it is a good way to flirt and who knows, take the second step.

What do you think? Do you know other ways of male flirting?

If you have more information do not hesitate to write.