Tips To Be More Flirty

Acting naturally, without exaggeration, is one of the keys to this ancient art.

Coquetry is one of those “socially established” games that can start the spark of a relationship or if it goes wrong, scare away any suitor who shows a hint of interest. Whether you are an expert or it costs you a bit, today we give you some tips to be more flirtatious and focus all the attention on yourself:

Tips To Be More Flirty

1. Show security.

The first commandment is to believe it; So try to put your insecurities aside and reveal yourself as the confident woman that you are from the minute you enter a room when you give your opinions or talk to others. Of course, showing off or monopolizing the talks is not convenient.

2. Smile.

A simple gesture that can, according to male opinion, “bewitch” anyone, especially if accompanied by authentic laughter. Smiles not only make you flirty, but they are also contagious.

3. Eye contact.

Nothing is as effective as looking another person directly in the eye. In an interchange of glances, you can say -without words- from “hello” to “I miss you”. To improve in this aspect, do not be afraid to practice using the mirror of your house that you like the most.

4. Play with your hair.

The truth is no matter what cut you wear, the important thing is how you can use it to your advantage as a flirt. By ruffling your bangs and making waves with your fingers, you are inviting your companion to do the same.

5. Movements.

With these we refer to your way of walking, sitting down, having a drink, among others. Try to look graceful, fluid, and not stiff, that will only denote the nerves you feel, which is not at all attractive.

Additional tip: Another way you can be flirty is through the colors of your wardrobe. White, pink, turquoise or red are obviously brighter than grays and black.