Tips for flirting with a guy you like

 Tips for flirting with a guy you like

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Men are hard to read, especially for women who do not consider themselves as experts in dating. Through the use of body language skills, a woman can flirt with a man easier than she thinks. Here is a step by step guide with some tips for flirting with a guy you like.

 Tips for flirting with a guy you like

Mirroring his movements. Two people who are attracted to each other subconsciously mimic the movements of the other. If he is holding a glass with his left hand, you hold a glass with your left hand. Point your torso in the direction of his, and so on.

Lightly touch his arms while he is speaking, to recognize something he has said. The more often he touches his arm, the more he is into you. And the closer the touch to his hand, the more intimate. The closer is to the shoulder, less intimate.

Be yourself. If a man does not like who you really are, there is no way you can get out successfully with each other. If he does not like you, just go ahead with your life. If he pays attention, there is a good chance that he likes you. If he ignores you or acts rude, more than likely he is not into you. However, body language is not an exact science. Sometimes, if you’re confused, the best is simply just to ask.

Tips & Warnings

Wear sexy clothes, but do not go overboard. If you are wearing a short skirt showing your legs, cover the chest, and vice versa. Sexy is one thing and provoking is a whole different thing.

Also, remember that players will try to use your charm to get you into their trap. Comments full of charm, such as “I just met you, but I’m in love with you” are intended to play with your emotions and don’t come usually from the heart.

So, remember to use these  tips for flirting with a guy you like to your advantage and with caution. Good luck!

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