Tips for approaching a man

It’s been a while since you’ve been liking that man. You look at each other, you smile and you notice that there is a good feeling between you, although you still do not have enough security to approach him.

Perhaps it is more obvious than we think and there are possibilities of something else with him, but you are afraid that everything is really the product of your imagination …


In this situation you have two very different paths: or you wait until the day this man declares himself to you (who knows when it will be) or, you take care of taking the initiative.

Are you going to keep waiting?

Maybe it’s a waste of time because he is very shy or has not really realized that he has a chance with you …

So better … why don’t you send the signs yourself and you approach little by little?

Here are some tips that will tell you how to approach a man

It is not a matter of posing him everything at once, but of sending the appropriate signals to start something else.

Tips for approaching a man

1. Show him confidence in your attitude.

As much as your legs tremble when you see him you have to be sure in your attitude.

Do not hide, do not look away when he looks at you and of course, do not ignore him: walk, smile and look at him with all the security.

This makes you much more attractive.

2. If you declare yourself to him, show confidence.

If you dare to tell him what you feel for him, do it with all confidence and security, without twists and turns: we are already in the 21st century, you do not have to wait to face him.

This courage on your part will leave him thinking about you and will draw his attention.

3. Look at him and smile.

The look and the smile are the main weapons of seduction.

Make eye contact with your eyes for a few seconds and smile, without being too obvious, please!

If you look at him steady all the time, he will be scared and intimidated.

The smile is a perfect way to connect with him and show him that you like him. In addition, at the same time, it gives him security to move forward.

4. Find topics of conversation.

Put aside the feminine themes.

Try to find common themes to generate conversations: it can be anything from movies, sports, interests that you share, etc.

Once you know what to talk about, it becomes much easier to break the ice.

5. Be yourself.

It does not make sense to pretend personalities because sooner or later the truth will be discovered.

Act naturally, with spontaneity and laugh at yourself.

There are no recipes for approaching a man, nor a formula that ensures success with the opposite sex.

Anyway, we assure you that these tricks will serve you immensely.

Good Luck!