Signs that he absolutely flirts with you

Finding love is for some gentlemen very complicated, for those who are timid, to begin with, the process is even worse.

That is why you should not lose your intuition and pay attention to the signs that a man is flirting.

According to Jeffry Simpson, a psychologist at the University of Minnesota, it indicates that both sexes learn to flirt culturally, but women are much more aware of doing so than men.

He shows your interest …

If so, imagine how complicated it could be to decipher the signals they send you when flirting, but fortunately, there are specialists who have studied it; we share some of the conclusions they have reached.

Signs that he absolutely flirts with you

 1. Body position.

If he is totally in front of you and constantly lean, it is a good sign.

Barbara Greenberg, psychologist and author of “Teenage as a second language”, indicates that people position their bodies in the direction they want to go.

2. Contact with the eyes.

When he takes more than “normal” in his eye contact, it is a very clear sign that he likes you and wants to begin an approach, says Christie Hartman, psychologist and author of “It’s Not Him, It’s You”.

3. Brow movement.

You must pay attention to this detail, Hartman says that if a man raises his eyebrows and quickly returns them, it is a general sign that he likes what he sees.
Although it may be difficult to detect it, it is subtle.

4. Details.

It is general knowledge to know that few men pay attention to details when something does not interest them, so if the guy you’re with remembers something you said two hours ago in your conversation, he really likes you and wants you to know, indicates Hartman.

5. Things in common.

It could be that you met a couple of minutes ago, but he already mentioned all the things that you both like and that make you compatible, or coincidentally what you like also pleases him.

Greenberg points out that this is a clear sign that he is learning from you.

6. Body copy.

Tracey Cox, sexologist and expert in body language author of “Hot Sex”, points out that there are several signs of the body that indicate her flirting: if he crosses his legs when you do it;

This happens because when you like someone you want to be reciprocated. He’s calling your attention.

As in the case of women, the signs that a man is flirting can be very broad, so do not think that everything they do is signal or vice versa.

The conquest is an art, that when used correctly, provides love success.