Scientifically proven ways to attract a man

As confirmed by some scientific studies, there are certain ways of attracting men who function scientifically.

Among them the good humor, the smile, the security, the slow talk, among others.

Scientifically proven ways to attract a man

1. The smile.

A study by the American Psychological Association found that the smile activates certain areas of the brain of the one who receives it associated with satisfaction and pleasure, which would explain why men find women more attractive when they smile.

According to the American writer Bill Hamilton, author of the Be an Elite Woman course, eye contact and smiling are a combination that works as:

… a powerful aphrodisiac and you can not underestimate its healthy effectiveness

2. Turned arms.

According to research carried out at the University of New South Wales in Australia, the turned arms of a woman can be much more attractive to men than legs.

3. Talking slow and serious.

According to Bill Hamilton:

When you speak slowly, you project an image of trust, and you develop a sexy and seductive voice.

In addition, according to a study by psychologists at Albright College in Pennsylvania, more severe voice tones are much more attractive for men than acute tones.

4. No easy crying.

According to a study published in Science Express, he found that men are less attracted to women with easy crying, to the point that their testosterone level decreases.

5. The red color.

According to a study by the University of Rochester, men are much more attracted to red clothing.

Also, lips with lipstick of this color are a great weapon of seduction and so say scientists at the University of Manchester.

6. Demonstrate security in herself.

A woman who is sure of herself and who shows herself this way in front of the world, is much more attractive to men, even than a very beautiful but insecure woman.

7. Share the same language.

According to researchers at the University of Texas, couples who share the same language last longer than others.

In the study found that 80% of couples who used a similar language when chatting, continued relating three months later as opposed to 54% of those who did not handle the same language.

8. They prefer curves.

Contrary to what most women tend to believe and according to a group of Scottish researchers confirm, men like women with curves and normal weight more than extremely thin women.