How to flirt with a man without exaggerating

If you’re seeing this, surely you have a crush at this time in your life, that guy that makes you smile every time and that puts butterflies in your stomach when he smiles back.

That magical feeling of getting to know someone, of approaching him little by little to know if there is a possibility of a good story between you … And then you resort to all the tactics that you have learned over the years from your friends, moms, and sisters, you get the best seduction weapons available out of the closet.

But how do you know when you are being too obvious?

If you’re not sure what terrain you’re stepping on with this guy it would be good to be subtle at the moment of insinuating that you’re interested.

The first step is to investigate if he is available.

If the guy is single then let’s put your best techniques into practice, but if not, girls, it is better to get away (remember that you do not have to do things that you would not like to be done to you).

Once you are sure that he is single, let’s get down to work!

How to flirt with a man without exaggerating

1. Touch him gently.

This is one of the signs that men understand best.

Squeeze his arm to emphasize something, touch his shoulder when you want to talk to him, subtly accommodate his hair when he is disheveled …

Look to make physical contact as much as you can, this will give him the guide to know that you are not just looking for a friendship.

2. Make compliments.

Yes, girls, you have to feed his ego.

If you compliment him on his personality he will know that you are comfortable with him; If you compliment him on his work, he will understand that you admire him, but if you also compliment him on his physical appearance, he will know that he has a real chance with you.

It’s not about flattering him all day, but about making positive comments about important things he does or about something different that he wore today.

3. Listen to him.

When he is talking to you, concentrate all your attention on listening to him.

This will let him know that you are interested in what he is saying and that you are good at listening.

Also, when a boy catches your attention and he talks to you, you usually put on a face of natural infatuation that seems quite attractive to them.

Just remember to close your mouth, and of course, laugh at his jokes. Men like a girl with a sense of humor.

Just be careful with sarcasm!

4. Take care of your posture.

If you want to let him know that you are interested, do not stand in front of him crossed arms.

This position marks limits between people, do not put your hands on your waist, this denotes too much authority.

Be yourself, natural, with your arms next to your body or, when possible, in his arm.

5. Be yourself.

The best way to flirt with any man is to let your original personality flow (in the end, if he does not feel attracted by that, the relationship has no future).

Be nice and original.