5 Ways to get a boyfriend in 30 days

When our day consists of going from bed to work to the couch and back to bed we can make it difficult to get a relationship.

Sometimes we feel stuck and we begin to think that we will never meet someone worthwhile.

The real problem is that if we do not help ourselves, nobody will!

5 Ways to get a boyfriend in 30 days

5 Ways to get a boyfriend in 30 days

McDreamy will not come out of the television, the pizza delivery man will not magically turn into a prince charming and, no matter how many times you read the book, Edward will not appear to rescue you from your routine life.

If you want to meet someone, you need to let yourself know.

Follow the following tips and you will find love sooner than you think.

5 Ways to get a boyfriend in 30 days

1. Socialize.

It sounds logical, but for a woman who has been single for a long time, it can be the most difficult thing.

You need to get out of your routine at least once a week and perform an activity that you would not normally do.

Go to dinner during the week, go to a bar on Saturday or simply enter a training.

Step number 1 to find a partner is to search.

2. Be friendly.

You do not need the company of other people to make friends.

Walk your dog, read in a cafe or even go to the supermarket.

Mentalize to be friendly and look back to the men who seek you.

Leave pitty at home.

3. Smile.

Give a smile to all the people who cross your path.

Men, women, and children will benefit from your beautiful smile.

It makes you seem more approachable, so if you practice smiling constantly you will soon be approached by that handsome guy who catches your attention.

4. Be recurrent.

Choose a place in the park, a bench in your favorite restaurant bar or an armchair in the cafe near your house and make it part of your routine.

Many men are equal or more painful than you, so they need time to gather courage and speak to you.

If they see you the same day, at the same time, in the same place week after week they will eventually greet you and when they do, smile at them!

5. Exercise.

You’ve heard it before, confidence is your biggest attraction.

To feel confident you need to be happy with the mirror reflection.

Part of this is solved by exercising.

Eat healthily, run in the park or join a gym (another great place to meet men).

Apply all these tips and trust that soon you will have a line of men waiting to go out with you.

Do you have any other advice?

(Source: http://www.actitudfem.com)