Reasons Why Men Won’t Commit

Most women dream at some point to find the love of their lives and marry him.

Men, on the other hand, do not think much about this issue and in some cases, they flee when they hear the word commitment.

Reasons Why Men Won't Commit

Reasons Why Men Won’t Commit

If you want to understand a little more about men and prevent romantic disappointments, we leave you 5 Reasons Why Men Won’t Commit.

Reasons Why Men Won’t Commit

1. Workload:

Between trips, meetings and more trips men do not have time to commit.

It may be that your partner is waiting for a moment with less work to be able to devote the necessary time to his commitment.

Learn to be tolerant if he spends a lot of time in the office.

2. Flees the pressure:

There are men who see a ring shop and get scared.

Or there are those who leave the room when women talk about children, commitment, wedding, etc.

Men like their freedom, it’s not that they do not love you but they prefer their freedom.

Avoid calling him insistently and asking him where and with whom he is.

Show yourself secure and do not touch issues about your future as a couple.

Let him decide.

3. Eternal Don Juan:

If the “love of your life” is one of those men who have the ego over the stratosphere and do everything possible to get something from you but never commit, it is an eternal Don Juan.

With him, you can enjoy a good sex session but you will never get him involved romantically.

4. Peter Pan syndrome:

Eternal teenager!

Parties, friends, conquests, lack of responsibility and commitment are his favorite things.

If you like a guy with these characteristics, it is better that you let him go and if not, he will leave alone.

5. He got hurt in the past:

It is true that when we are hurt in a relationship it is difficult to trust again and it does not only happen to women.

But it is also the most foolish excuse, although it is hard to trust again, this happens only at the beginning.

If your partner gives you this excuse, analyze your relationship well, you may not be the person he is looking for.