Reasons Why He Does Not Take You Seriously

Do you feel that he is not taking you seriously?

It is not bad to want a one night romance, or as one says, a one night stand, however sometimes it is not the party we are looking for but a more formal relationship with which we can grow not only as a couple but also as people.

So, you go out and meet a guy that attracts you, not only to have fun for a while but to see him as a true future love.

You go out two or three times and then he stops you on your tracks with the phrase ‘I do not want you to misinterpret things, I am not looking for a formal relationship at the moment’.

What happened?, What did you do wrong that he immediately conditioned the situation?

Here there are two: the first, very common, unfortunately, is that he is a jerk.

But do not think that all men are like that, fortunately, most of them have good intentions.

And this brings us to the second reason: there was’ something ‘, some’ little detail ‘that maybe made him say’ no, thank you.

Do you want to know what it could be?

We asked 10 different guys and this is what they answered:

Reasons Why He Does Not Take You Seriously

1. Very formal commitment.

It is good that you are looking for a formal relationship, but if you start talking about the wedding, children and the name that will be given to your beautiful dog, forget it, this just scares him away from that, the formal commitments.

2. Very grumpy.

It is good to be ‘the pampered girl of dad’, however for a man it is difficult to take seriously a woman who behaves like a child.

3. Too much quoted.

Giving yourself your place and not being available for him 24 hours is fine, but from there to be the unattainable ends up tiring any prospect.

4. Too available.

The opposite to the previous point.

Knowing that you are someone easy to him and that you do not represent a challenge to him is also a reason why men do not take you very seriously.

There is nothing more irresistible than a confident woman, happy with her life and with her own things to do.

5. Very bossy.

One of the guys I spoke with said ‘You want a girlfriend, not a second mom’.

So let him be the way he is and be his girlfriend, not his mom.

6. Very rude.

My grandmother said ‘If you want a gentleman, first be a lady’.

That is, to be taken seriously as a possible girlfriend, do not act like his buddy with the one he speaks in men jargon.

It is one thing to be cool and another is to go beyond that basic line of respect.

7. Smelling ugly.

Well, I think you do not have to delve much into the subject of cleanliness and personal grooming, what you would have to delve into is the smell of cigarettes!

8. Being a drunk.

There is nothing wrong with you liking to party, however, when in each meeting you finish making scenes, it is probable that you are not being precisely that prospect that most of the boys would look for.

What other factors influence so that a boy does not take you seriously for a loving relationship in the future?