Reasons why a man does not want to get married

They say it’s brave to do it, they do not feel the same social pressure as women, so why don’t they decide soon?

Marrying is apparently one of the most complicated decisions in life and apparently more in a man since they point out that it is courageous to do so, not everyone dares to leave their freedom to share their life with only one woman.

According to the statistics in a relationship, it is the woman who usually gives signals to her partner about when it would be the opportune time to get married, question that men evade and have their reasons.

It is part of nature to feel a little fear if decided to propose to the couple to reach the altar, there are many factors from social, psychological to emotional so a man does not want to marry, the age range in men to marry is less evident than in women, since they are the ones who suffer the greatest pressure from family and society, we know some of the most obvious reasons that limit men to not thinking about marriage soon.

Reasons why a man does not want to get married

1. Pressure.

It is a natural instinct when one feels pressured to make a decision by a logic that leads them to be reluctant, to feel a bit of frustration and therefore not wanting to do it.

They emphasize that they know when it is time and it is not when someone imposes them, likewise the pressure may come from the economic side, they know that much of the investment that day is to the boyfriend’s expense or equal for both and if he does not feel he has enough better, he desists to do it.

2. Comfort.

Men are in a state of comfort, he feels that he does not lack anything, he does not feel rushed and it is simply a matter that has to wait.

He is not prepared to put a bit of restraint on his freedom as a single person and that is why postponing marriage.

It is comfortable perhaps to continue living with parents or not to be held accountable to a woman at home what she does or does not do.

He respects his girlfriend but living together is a big challenge and a process of slow adaptation.

3. He does not believe she is the right one.

The courtship is a process of knowledge is not that someone is dating considering that they will go to the altar, that is given little by little and most say it is something that you feel it,

What happens to men who have not taken the initiative to ask their partner to be their wife despite having a good relationship is something that makes them think that maybe she is not the right one.

4. Failure.

Both men and women are afraid to do it for fear of a divorce, not to be what they imagine and that everything ends in a resounding failure.

Women tend to be more pressured perhaps by their biological clock because the bigger the chances of being a mother are, the less they decrease.

In men, that does not happen and, along with other things, it takes them a long time to get married.