Phrases Used By Men Who Fear Commitment

These phrases will tell you that man will never want anything serious with you.

Sometimes women often confuse some attitudes that men have or they do not want to realize their true intentions. They think that not wanting to have a “formal” relationship is because they are undecided, insecure, unstable and shy.

However, in most cases they do not have any of these characteristics and all they want is not to have a commitment or to have open the possibility of relating to other women, without the need to give explanations or to hide.

But, although they seem to have no feelings, they are cowards and do not dare to express what they really want for fear of hurting the woman who loves them even more. That is why, if that boy with whom you are dating tells you any of the following sentences, it is because he definitely does not intend to have a commitment with you:

Phrases Used By Men Who Fear Commitment

1. “I don’t like to give a title to things, don’t you think is better so?”

This makes it clear that he does not want to have a relationship with you, all he wants is to enjoy the advantages of being in a relationship such as your company, knowing that you are important to him and meeting certain needs, but without the obligations that this entails.

There is nothing cuter than being next to a person who is proud to show you to everybody as his “girlfriend.”

2. “I’m going through a complicated stage in my life”.

It is one of the most used, especially because he manages to put himself in the role of victim. Remember that a couple can also be a support and if you already showed him that you are willing to be at his side in the face of adversity and he seemed not to care, it is because he does not want your constant presence in his life.

3. “We must go slowly”.

When we are in love, we want to make the other person see how much it means to us, as soon as possible. In case he wants to take a “time” it is because he still has many things to do before entering into a relationship such as going out with friends, leading a single life and having fun with other girls without any commitment.

4. “What if you send me a photo to motivate myself tonight”.

Do not fall for this game. If a man truly loves you for something serious, he will never make such requests to conquer you, but quite the opposite.

Be very careful with these insinuations, you can even get into trouble sending these types of images.

5. “I wish to be with you in bed”.

These things are too personal, and in case you are not a couple, this sentence shows that he just wants to have intimate relationships.

All in due time, if you have intimacy without being his girlfriend, he will hardly want to make you his girlfriend. He will feel that there is no need if you are already giving him intimacy.

6. “I love my freedom”.

The clearest sign that he will never want to commit with you. This type of guy loves his independence, so he will hardly want someone to take it away.

You should not force him to acquire any kind of relationship, if it is what he wants for his life, do not try to force him to change his mind, there is no need for you to push him. Let him fly, and you do the same.

7. “I don’t like to have such a serious relationship”.

It is clear that you do not think alike, therefore agreeing will be a problem. It is not worth it to waste your time and energy on someone who does not want to strain even a little to be by your side. Many times it’s not that he does not want to have a serious relationship, he may not want to do it particularly with you.

8. “I have many professional projects and little time for a couple”.

Do not forget that a relationship is not a cage, it does not take away the freedom of being able to develop in all areas of your life, but quite the opposite, it can help to fulfill each of the individual goals of both. Therefore if you can combine both.

In case he makes this pretext, don’t give him some things that he wants to get out of you.

If the man you’re dating says some of these phrases to you, don’t waste your time anymore.