Male Excuses Not To Get Married

Comfort and running away from responsibilities are some of the reasons why men flee to marriage.

When in the media parodies are made about marriage and men’s refusal towards it, he can not help but think about that situation.

Male Excuses Not To Get Married

It is said that marrying is only for the brave and that it requires maturity, in order to bring a marriage to succeed.

There are scientific reasons why men flee to the commitment that marriage implies.

When a man does not want to marry he is full of excuses and in a certain way he shielded himself from many motives.

However, there are some things that make men fear marriage, here they are:


For men being married implies a huge responsibility, since they are socially under a lot of pressure.

They are afraid of being the head of a family and although their wife supports the family economy, they feel that the burden still weighs on them.

Immaturity also has to do, since many fear being parents.


Knowing that he is the provider, it is important for him to establish himself financially before forming a family.

From ancestral times the man went out to hunt and took what he collected to his home.

Although this sounds illogical to you, it is in the male genes to feel solid materially.

Therefore, they believe that if they get married without meeting their economic or labor goals, it may cost them much more to reach that goal.


Many men fear to leave their comfort zone in which they find themselves.

Whether he lives with his parents, or alone, the passage from a single to a married life involves a series of changes in the way of life.

The habits and routines will be different and the decisions shared.


For many men, marriage can end with the good of the relationship, therefore they fear taking risks.

The issue of divorce terrifies them and they know that it is a ghost that besets many marriages, so it is common for many men to fear commitment and responsibilities.

Because deep down they fear failure.


Sometimes comfort keeps them together with a woman even if they do not love her.

She fills them in many ways, however, they know that she is not the one to get involved in a marriage.

Comfort often confuses people, but when a man runs away from marriage, it is because he is not sure of the love he feels for his partner.

One of the options that a couple has to “prove” that they are compatible, before getting married, is the free union.

Once this stage is over, they will know if they are ready to join by legal means.

Remember that marriage is a decision of two, therefore you must not force anyone to do something that simply is not born in them.

Better let everything flow, and you will see how time will prove you right.