Commandments to conquer a man

If you want to achieve a gentleman’s love, the first thing that must be achieved is his attention, becoming irresistible, showing security and even taking the initiative.

They say that in love and in war anything goes.

But at the time of the conquest, it is good to have a series of tips to follow.

The Terra site published what it called “The 10 Commandments to conquer a man.”

Commandments to conquer a man

1. Become irresistible.

Although he should not notice your intentions, it is necessary that the conquest starts from you, from what you are.

Finding a way to feel younger and show off a jovial style even when walking, as well as changing body posture, is important and influences your physical attractiveness.

2. Always look him in the eyes.

Students of attraction and love affirm that this simple gesture can cause one person to fall in love with another.

So the slogan will be to look at him when you have a conversation or when he talks.

He will surely feel taken care, listened and important.

3. Tell me who you are with …

Although in Psychology there is the talk of contrast laws, which ensure that to conquer someone we should not be accompanied by women more beautiful than one, it will not be good to be with very unattractive people.

They say that what comes into play here is the law of association, which states that we tend to see a group as a whole and not individuals.

In this sense, perhaps the best idea is to provoke the approach by being alone.

4. Not being very obvious.

Human nature generally moves towards trying to obtain what cannot be done or which costs us more work.

For this same reason, you have to try not to be too obvious.

That is, show yourself interested and attentive, but not in excess.

5. Smile, always.

The gesture communicates confidence, happiness, and enthusiasm, as well as showing acceptance, so it will always make a good impression.

If you smile, you transmit an image of a positive and cheerful person, and those are two points in favor.

6. Show security.

If there is something that men like, it is confident women who know where they stand and what they are worth.

Showing that you are a determined, strong and able to make decisions for yourself, will make them Go crazy trying to conquer that independent girl, but dependent on them in love.

7. Praise him.

Men love to feel that they are the center of your world, so praising them -always in its rightful measure- will make their ego stand high but not that he become superb.

8. Share tastes.

Without leaving aside your femininity, try to share your tastes or look for those that you have in common.

Without going to the extreme of seeing all the football matches with him and as a friend, in your female role, you can talk about games and whatever you have in common.

9. Listen to him and understand him.

If he has problems or issues that distress him, pay attention and listen to what he has to say.

That will make him feel loved and understood and you will become his closest soul.

10. Take the initiative.

If you finally notice that you have a certain path with him, do not hesitate and take the big step.

With subtlety, honesty and some romantic details, you can easily make him understand how important he is to you.