Attitudes to recognize a man with fear of commitment

There are people who are literally afraid of commitment and anything related to it.

Has it happened to you? Do you know anyone?

If you are in a relationship and you see that it does not progress much, we leave you the tips of the magazine “Elite Daily” to identify a man with commitment phobia:

Attitudes to recognize a man with fear of commitment

1. Does not believe in the relationships titles.

They come out with the classic “I do not believe in relationships titles”

They are usually people who have many partners, but almost never have a long-term relationship.

2. He says to be focused on his career.

It is something even curious because everyone works or studies and that is not an excuse to maintain a relationship.

Obviously, the key is in the balance of time and dedication.

3. You do not know his friends or family.

Although knowing the family is a big step, not knowing even his friends can be a sign that he does not want to compromise with you.

4. Only improvised plans.

He never offers you plans in advance and always leaves you as the last priority.

This can be done because planning so much entails greater commitment.

5. You do not see him on weekends.

Although these are the days that are usually devoted to rest and being with the people we love, he never has time for you.

6. A lot of words and little action.

If he promises you heaven and earth and he seems the perfect man with beautiful words but does not specify anything, it is not a good omen.