Why Do You Feel Anger When You See Photos Of Your Ex With Another Girl?

The belonging syndrome occurs when after having finished the relationship, you continue stalking the social networks of your ex and you see those photos where he appears with other girls.

Why do you feel anger when you see him with another woman?

The problem of not blocking your ex on social networks is that you leave the door of temptation open, it is on Facebook or Instagram that you suddenly see photos of your ex with another girl, you begin to suffer, but it is suffering caused by yourself.

It does not mean that seeing the photos of your ex always has to provoke anger, on the contrary, it is better to stay with the good memories and that these be the ones that help to lessen the suffering of the separation.

Why Do You Feel Anger When You See Photos Of Your Ex With Another Girl?

1. Your ex knows that you see his photos.

Of course, he knows it, and he does it precisely because he knows about your reaction.

It’s like when they tell you not to put your hands on the fire because you’re going to burn yourself … And you do it!

Sure he uploads them with the intention of making you react or take revenge on you, this depends on the conditions in which you have ended your relationship.

2. Anxiety to see pictures of your ex.

If you have already finished the relationship, why have it added to your social networks and messaging applications like Whatsapp?

If you had too much attachment with this person, this is synonymous with suffering and anxiety.

3. Belonging syndrome.

If seeing the photos of your ex provokes you, it is because the belonging syndrome is still rooted in you, you have not been able to let go of the past if you have already finished the relationship, and you continue stalking his social networks, it is because he left you needy of attention.

That person who covered you some needs, turns out that has already started a new life with another woman, he uploads photos and more photos on his wall, and for each photo, it is as if he was being unfaithful to you.

It is better not to do more damage, definitely not worth it to wear yourself out crying in front of the computer or your cell phone, it is better to seek psychological help, many times these are stages, but sometimes it is more than that.

Going with a therapist is ideal, especially if the mourning of separation has not been overcome.