What Does It Mean To Dream About Your Ex?

Discovering what it means to dream about your ex can help you be calmer and be happier.

The dream world is full of mysteries, which repeatedly generates intrigue and many doubts in the head.


Wanting to know the meaning of dreams has always been the subject of study in psychology. In fact, one of the dreams that leaves most concerns is to dream about our former partner.

Have you ever dreamed of your ex-partner? Do you know the meaning that that dream hides? Usually, the most logical interpretation is that you miss him, however, the reality is that there can be many more interpretations behind that dream.

First, you must keep in mind that dreaming about your former partner has many interpretations and it all depends on the situation in which you find yourself emotionally. Let’s see:

Did you recently break up with your partner and dreamed about him?

Surely in your relationship, you spent many special moments that filled you with satisfaction and joy. But all this is transformed when the relationship ends.

That is when you start asking yourself different questions such as: What happened? What will I do now? Who was to blame for the breakup? What will that person do?

This makes that person still part of many of your thoughts, in this case, dreaming about your ex, could be part of the adaptation process.

There are still memories that can be reflected in dreams, so do not be distressed, little by little your dreams will change.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Your Ex

1. Dreaming about a visit from your ex.

Dreams like this may not have a symbolic interpretation, it is not precisely you miss that person, they are simply good memories that remained in your thinking and you appreciate them.

2. Dreaming that you go out with your ex again.

No, it is not really that you are looking forward to going out with that person again, or that you will soon return together, rather it is interpreted as new changes in your current relationship.

3. Did you kiss your ex in the dream?

Its interpretation depends on the sentimental situation in which you find yourself; If you are happy with a partner but you had this dream, it may mean that something is needed in your current relationship than the previous one made you feel.

But if you are single, it means that you want to have a romantic relationship with that person because something still appeals to you.

4. Did you dream that your ex already has a new partner?

These dreams could happen more in people who are jealous and can feel a lot of resentment to see that their ex managed to completely forget her and rebuild his life.

Keep in mind that sometimes dreams depend on the experiences you had during the day, possibly if you saw a movie, listened to a song, met a person or felt a scent that took you to the time of your ex-boyfriend, it could be in your dreams.