Ways to get back with your ex

Relationships can be easily and efficiently recovered.

It is a question of a commitment by both parties, but when one does not want 100%, the thing gets complicated, the other has to put more effort to raise the fallen tree which complicates things and thus returning with that relationship that they both love becomes more difficult.

In his book “Return with him” by Andrés Cazares, he proposes a series of techniques, tricks, and advice for everything related to seduction.

Offering for all these girls some strategies so that this relationship returns to their hands satisfactorily.

Today we will talk about 5 Ways to get back with your ex.

Ways to get back with your ex

1. The first way is always to give it some time.

It does not have to be months or years, it can be a few weeks for both you and him to reconsider, besides that he will not feel overwhelmed and he will realize how much he needs you now that you are not in his life.

2. Give yourself a change of look,

to show him a new way of yourself so that he will notice changes and be more interested in seeing that new girl.

3. The third strategy is to write him without being overwhelming,

or talk about the issue of returning, ask about his emotional state or how his life is in general but ignore the fact of the relationship for a moment.

4. Give him doubt.

The fourth strategy to try to rescue your relationship is giving him doubt, take advantage of social networks to look more beautiful and flirtatious with guys more than ever, make him see you with a handsome and different guy even if he does not mean anything to you to keep him intrigued and feel a little doubt.

5. Meditate on your mistakes and decide to change.

Finally the fifth strategy, the last tactic to go back with him by Andrés Cazares is to meditate on your mistakes and decide to change, not for him, but for yourself.

In this way, the changes will become more noticeable and soon he will begin to approach you again without you needing to do anything when he comes across this renewed and mature woman.

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