Things that happen in a woman’s body when her heart is broken

Unfortunately, at some point in life, we all suffer from having a broken heart. When a person disappoints us, it is inevitable not to feel how our heart is shattered. This experience is very painful and difficult to overcome, but not impossible.

Have you ever had a broken heart?

Surely you have felt that pain that invades every part of your being, because not only does your chest hurt: every inch of your body hurts, you feel that you lack air and you think you cannot survive such agony.

Why does this happen? Scientists have been given the task of investigating exactly what happens when a man breaks a woman’s heart and these are their conclusions.

Things that happen in a woman’s body when her heart is broken

1. Someone with a broken heart feels the same as an addict when leaving drugs.

Love is as addictive as cocaine. When we are in a relationship we become addicted to that person, to their kisses, to enjoy their company.

That’s why when everything ends, it’s like entering a state of abstinence just like any addict when he leaves drugs.

According to a study published in the Journal of Neurophysiology, people’s brains perceive a love breakup in the same way that an addicted person feels the need to consume more substances when they can no longer have them.

This explains the desperation, the decision making without reason, the feeling of being dying slowly and the need to have that ‘drug’ again.

2. The body experiences physical pain.

Having a broken heart hurts not only emotionally, but also physically.

The director of neuroscience at Columbia University, Edward E. Smith, says that when a person claims to feel physical pain when going through a breakup, it should not be taken as trivial.

Physical pain exists, it is real. Various studies have shown that many diseases and body discomforts have emotional roots; that is why the body of a person with a broken heart can experience pain as strong as that caused by any other disease.

3. Appetite is modified.

No being hungry and stopping eating when we have a broken heart is totally normal. Studies reveal that when we suffer for love it is reflected in our appetite; This is due to the great stress we are facing.

But also eating abruptly can be another consequence of having a broken heart. The appetite is modified in one way or another by a love breakup, and there are people who take refuge in the food to try to mitigate a little the pain they feel.

4. You feel a real depression, not just sadness.

No, not all people who have a broken heart are exaggerating when they say they feel depressed.

A study conducted by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond concluded that women with a broken heart suffered from low self-esteem, which makes them more prone to depression.

5. A love breakup can cause more separations.

When you separate from your couple your heart and everything falls apart. According to a survey, when you break up your heart, the chances of your friends’ relationships also ending up increase by 75%.

6. Can die.

It sounds drastic but it’s real. Dying for love is possible.

It has been proven that people who have experienced a love breakup increase the levels of stress so much that can have a heart attack.

Not everything is so bad

Although it seems that there is no way out and that the world will never be like before, that you will never be able to overcome so much pain and your life will stay stuck in that hole with no way out, it is not like that.

Having a broken heart also has its positive side and here we tell you:

1. It motivates you to make great changes in your life.

The break up can be a great engine that drives you to generate positive changes in life.

They say that the great changes are accompanied by a great shock, and a survey ensures that 84% of the participants affirmed that having a broken heart was a great motivation to make great changes in their lives.

In addition, 35% said that after the love failure, new goals were raised in terms of performing a physical activity. Only 7% confessed to having gained weight after the disappointment.

2. You meet again with yourself.

Relationships can cause a person to change their life to the point of being completely different from what it was in the beginning.

Erica Slotter, a psychologist at Northwestern University in Illinois, explains that people who have a relationship create a new identity between them: they become one, they unify their circle of friendship, they go to the same places, they do the same things and they have the same customs.

A breakup makes us spend time alone reflecting on what we were and we no longer are. It reconnects us with ourselves and makes us return to the path we lost some time ago.