Steps For Your Lover To Return To Focus On You

Is your lover no longer the same with you?

Suddenly you realize that he tries to avoid you, he does not answer your text messages or phone calls.

Also, every time he seems more irritated and when you ask him about his state he assures you that nothing happens to him.

So if everything goes well in your relationship, why does he act strangely overnight?

You do not know what to do with his attitude and you do not understand what is happening to him.

In some cases, you get to believe that you are the culprit or that there is another person hanging around him.

If you want your boy to notice you again, it’s very simple.

You just have to follow these steps and you will see that it will not be necessary to make a drama to have him back in less than two weeks.

Steps For Your Lover To Return To Focus On You

1. Face him.

Be more direct and ask him if something is wrong or if he is angry with you.

2. Do not send him any more text messages and stop calling him at all times.

He could feel a little annoyed.

3. Keep the rule of avoiding contact.

No matter what happens, do not contact him for any reason.

4. Give him his own medicine.

This means that if he writes to your cell phone, do not answer immediately, wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes before answering.

5. Continue with your normal life.

Have fun, go out with your friends and do not shut yourself up at home to think.

6. Keep your self-respect.

Do not lower yourself, if you already tried, let everything flow.

Give yourself your place, make yourself miss and show him that you are unique and that he will never find another girl who loves him like you, without conditions or harming him.

Which of these tips would you apply for your boyfriend to come back to you?