Signs That Your Ex Forgot About You

We fall in love, we give everything and we believe that the relationship is forever, but the “always” for many people does not mean the same, nor for everyone is the same way to overcome something and move on, usually one loves more than the other; and, in that equivalent, it is how one is forgotten.

Maybe you keep feeding the hopes with your ex, caged in the memory, and he is already free, like a dove.

That is why living tied to a memory, is living without giving the opportunity to someone new, many times we make ideas and interpret some things in the way we idealize the person.

Identify the signs to know if he already forgot about you and start moving on with your life.

Signs That Your Ex Forgot About You

1. Ignores you.

He does not look for you by any means.

Currently with so many tools to communicate and he does not send you a message, or a tweet or a flirtatious like, it is very clear that he does not care, and, if he has blocked you, let me tell you, let the immature pass!

2. You do not exist either for good or for bad in his posts in his social networks.

Obviously, someone who publishes things related to the breakup or ex-partner shows that the issue still matters, and much.

If this is not the case, he does not take the time to communicate that he keeps thinking about you, either because he publishes things like: “I’m better like that”, “Better alone than badly accompanied”, means that you’re still in his thoughts, otherwise it is that you already went!

3. Keep his life completely normal.

I’ll explain it with examples:

You: locked up eating ice cream, watching romantic comedy movies or totally romantic, because you’re a masochist. You do not go out with anyone, it’s like life is on pause.

He: everything is the same, he does not change his usual routine, he goes out with his friends and it’s as if nothing happened.

The rupture may not really affect him at all.

4. Friends in common do not relate you as a couple.

If you have contact with a friend in common and he or she mentions your ex as if it were a stranger to you, it means that your former partner no longer talks about his former relationship with his friends and does not ask about you either; He does not care anymore.

5. If you happen to bump into each other by accident he greets you like any other person.

You meet him and he greets you as if nothing had happened, as he no longer wants to return with you, he does not show emotion when he finds you but he does not avoid you as if you were his worst enemy, on the contrary, he greets you like any other person, that means that in fact he already took you out of his system.

6. He turns you over.

Neither to the dog event to which you are invited on the weekends he goes, so as not to see you.

He will avoid any uncomfortable conversation, when you forget someone completely, you understand that there is no point in continuing to communicate with the other person since nothing unites you.

7. It does not matter to him that you still keep some of his things.

Many times the perfect pretext to see you again and return are all those things that you left at his home and vice versa.

If you still have things from your former partner and in several days he has not called you to ask, you can begin to assume that this time he really forgot about you, continue sleeping in his pajamas, he does not care.

8. When you manage to “call him without wanting” and he answers without any feeling.

If he does not care about you anymore, he will not look for you again, but if you do it and his response is cordial, friendly and kind, rest assured that for him, has no turning back.

9. In difficult times for you, he only offers his friendship.

If you are going through a difficult time in your family or any other situation, it is very easy for your ex to try to comfort you and by seeing you vulnerable will try to convince you to return.

But if even after seeing you sad or worried does not look for anything more than to offer his support as a friend, do not hesitate to continue with your life.

10. You discover that he is already dating someone else.

It is true that this does not always mean that he no longer loves you or that he has forgotten you, but if your former partner goes out with the same person several times and publishes those movements in his social networks, it may be someone special. Therefore, at that moment you will begin to be part of his past.