Reasons Why Ex-boyfriends Always End Up Coming Back

We have not learned to close cycles and that is only harmful to us.

We share the common mistake of not knowing how to close the cycles. Women end up with their partners, and they end up coming back sometime later. Or it is them who reopen that door that must have been sealed.

But you have wondered why these actions. It is very dangerous to return with some people, and more so if in the past they hurt us. It is very easy to fall into the abyss of those who once made us lose ourselves.

That is why it is important to be clear about the reasons for his return.

Reasons Why Ex-boyfriends Always End Up Coming Back

1. It is his comfort zone.

Many times we return for comfort. It is a known terrain, already explored, that does not present such unexpected turns.

2. They feel nostalgic.

Nostalgia is a double-edged sword. It returns romantic situations that really are, thus nullifying the pain that once caused.

3. They are bored.

Boredom makes you return to people who once meant something to you.

4. The connection does not disappear.

It is very complicated to create or have a connection with someone. Therefore, we return to the ones we once had.

5. Regret hunts them.

Many times the relationships end because of mistakes we had and we want to amend.

6. There is a common context.

It is much easier to return to a path that is already done.

7. They feel alone.

Loneliness is a very dangerous company and a bad advisor.