Reasons why a man always comes back

Many times the saying becomes true: “If you have something let it go, if it comes back it is yours and if not …

Overcoming a broken relationship requires a grieving process in which one cries, shouts, talks and overcomes the farewell of the loved one.

It is very common that when the woman has completely forgotten her ex and begins to live and enjoy her singleness, he returns to her life again. There are many causes that lead him to return to what he considered the ideal woman, however not all have to do with love.

If you now wonder why this man who no longer wanted to be by your side, returned to you after breaking all relations with you, then I will tell you what are the most common reasons.

Reasons why a man always comes back

1. He regrets it.

Maybe your lover decided to leave you in an outburst of courage or because he wanted to enjoy being single, but with the passage of time, he realizes that he misses you and starts looking back and realizes all the qualities you have.

He realized that he does not want to be alone and that he was very happy when you had a relationship, so he wants that time to come back.

2. For all the beautiful memories.

Loneliness gives you the opportunity to think many things, therefore, your boy may have realized that by your side he lived many beautiful things, you had unforgettable adventures together and in the end, he concluded that he prefers a relationship instead of being single.

3. Gets intimidated to start a new relationship.

Starting a relationship requires work.

Meeting another person to start a new relationship can be quite tedious for men, therefore he will always come back to you to avoid all of that.

He wants to play it safe and since he already knows you, he knows that it will not be necessary to waste time with a date that may not have any future.

4. The one who finished the relationship was you.

Although they presume to be the strong sex, many men fall in love too much and do not resign themselves to losing the woman they love.

Therefore if there is any romantic feeling towards you, he will always come back to ask for an opportunity.

If this situation bothers you, the most healthy thing is that you talk to your ex about it, avoid a contact and show him that you do not want anything with him.

5. He has changed.

It is said that the guys do not change, but if he wants to do anything with all his heart, nothing will stop him.

He may have been confused and thought that separation was the best option, however, time did not agree with him and now he realized that his behavior was not the best, he modified some things in him and wants to return to improve things.

6. Misses you.

As the saying goes “no one knows what you have until you lose it”, he may not have realized what he loved you and how important you were to him until he realized that he did not have you, when he could not see you and when he realized that he lived many good things by your side and he will not be able to meet a woman like you.

As you can tell, there are many reasons why a man returns to the arms of those who gave him love, gave him security and made him feel loved.

There is no doubt that if you have something, let it go …