Is it possible to recover a proud ex-boyfriend?

Is it possible to recover a proud ex-boyfriend

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If you think that his pride will not let him find you and admit his mistakes, don’t worry, maybe you are just doing it the wrong way.

For many women who have come out of a relationship, but still are in love with their ex-boyfriend, the biggest wall in between the two is his pride, having a proud boyfriend can be a big problem, often girls see this wall so big that they believe that it is impossible to tear it down; but you will see that it is not, it is indeed possible to get your ex-boyfriend back despite his pride.

Is it possible to recover a proud ex-boyfriend

Don’t make the problem even bigger

In the first place, you should really consider removing from your mind the idea that his pride is what interferes with getting him back because it may be you who is making the problem bigger and end up surrendering before trying just because you say that his pride will not let you.

And in any case, pride has to do with self-love, so there is nothing wrong with him and you having a high self-esteem, you just have to learn to channel it and not become the problem.

Don’t harass him with calls

If your ex-boyfriend does not answer your calls, your messages or doesn’t look for you, is not because he is too arrogant to do so, it is because at this time he doesn’t feel he has the ability to face this situation with you, he really needs time, and you must give it to him.

Control your impulse

This is the most important of all, control your impulses and do not be impatient, at this moment, time is crucial, do not try to rush things because by doing this you just overwhelm him, respect the space he is tacitly asking you, do not ask him for explanations he can not give you right now, do not chase him, do not give him ultimatums or fill his mailbox with calls and messages. Just give him time and assume that relationship finally ended.

Ponder on what happened

Meanwhile, ponder what happened, think with a cool head what has made the relationship fail, recover your own strength and do not collapse; he does not want to be with an insecure person, so stay true to yourself and guard down, do not allow your pain or anger to cloud your head.

Yes, you can get him back!

Now, to start your quest to reconquer him, he should see you renewed, you must be beautiful and just as he fell in love with you, or better; gradually establish communication with him until you get a casual encounter, without commitment and take this opportunity to show him your positive changes, and especially let him remember the good times you spent together and why you fell in love in the first place. Leave him wanting more, and surely you’ll have your loved one back with you shortly.

I can tell you that if your ex-boyfriend is a very proud man, it will be of help having casual encounters instead of seeking him or calling him every day. And in this case, you will have to play some cards so that unexpectedly the two of you can see each other.

And this will help, because he will see everything natural and that you are not forcing anything, so apply these tips and I hope you can get your proud ex-boyfriend back.

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