How to recover your Ex

The breakup of a relationship represents an emotional crisis that in most cases is accompanied by sadness, bad mood, and guilt.

How to recover your Ex

How to recover your Ex

For this reason, you must have the full assurance that you have completely terminated the engagement, otherwise, fight to rekindle love.

A study by psychologist Ashley Mason of the University of Arizona, says that sexual contact with a former partner is associated with better well-being.

Since after the breakup, there is still a psychological attachment that is satisfied with intimate encounters that help overcome the separation.

However, so that you do not end up having only casual encounters with your ex and you can completely return with him, we share these tips to recover your love and strengthen the relationship.

How to recover your Ex

1. Know yourself better.

It is very important that you know what your value is and what it is that you deserve to receive, that you want to recover your ex, does not mean that you have to lower your self-esteem for him to pay attention to you.

2. Give him his space.

If you have all the assurance that you want to go back to your ex, do not do it immediately, let a short time pass so that he realizes what it means not to be with you and so he values your presence more.

3. Do not make the law of ice.

One thing is to give him his space and quite another is to stop talking to him, keep the contact in a friendly way to make him understand that you have not erased him from your life.

4. Do not harass him.

Do not make the serious mistake of watching all his movements, do not become a stalker who finds out about everything he publishes and talks to his friends.

This will only make him understand that you are desperate to return soon with him and he could take advantage to make you suffer.

5. Discover your mistake.

Whether you or he has finished with the relationship, analyze what were the mistakes of both, so it will not happen again and you can strengthen your arguments to return to his side.

6. What do you want to achieve?

Before anything else happens, identify what sense it has to recover your ex, if you just do it for love or just a simple whim.

When you are sure of your goal, strive to succeed on your second chance.

We remind you that in addition to these tips, you respect yourself and analyze why the relationship ended.

If it was monotonous, aggressive or did not add anything, it is not worth fighting to make the same mistake again.