How To Recover The Love Of Your Husband Or Boyfriend?

Greetings, my friend! If you have come this far because you wonder: How To Recover The Love Of Your Husband Or Boyfriend?, you’re lucky, because in this entry I’m going to show you 5 techniques in detail, which embark several very effective psychological tips.

Although initially, it seems that it is very difficult to regain your ex-husband’s love, it is not at all if you correctly apply the steps that I am going to mention.

There are certain principles that you should not let go, and that on the other hand, you should apply them according to the behavior of your husband if you want to recover him permanently.

How to reconquer my husband?

Before you start, you should know that the majority of women who fail to recover their husbands is because they do not have enough information to make timely decisions. Much of the fault is not finding a logical order, step by step, of the actions you must take.

It is true that each man is different, but there are certain basic actions that must be taken yes or yes. So you should not give up, let alone lower your arms. When you love someone at heart, you should try to save the situation with all the resources you have.

How To Recover The Love Of Your Husband Or Boyfriend?

1. Take some time.

There is a well-known technique, called: Zero contact, which basically consists of eliminating contact with him for a while.

If you still live with him, it’s going to be a little complicated to apply, but you can give yourself some time. And you can not expect to recover anything but to end the relationship.

It is necessary that you move your mind away from any negative thoughts, you must be very clear about your emotions, and be very strong. Do not feel sorry for yourself, or for him.

You must locate a neutral position, doing activities so that you are distracted so that you clarify what you really want.

2. Do not obsess.

Another thing you must do is accept things as they happened, you can not go back in time to amend something, so from the acceptance, solutions are sought.

This will help you not to stay in the past, and not to become obsessed or stressed by what happened. So focus on the now, at this precise moment.

You can reflect on what was wrong, on what you did or did not do, as well as the perception you have of your husband. Never deny your mistakes, or what you stopped doing, accept it.

Do not expect things to be fixed today, because today all you have to do is fix yourself. Things do not change from one day to the next, they require dedication and effort. And I’m sure you will achieve it.

3. Do not harass him.

This is something that ALL men reject, harassment. So try not to be possessive, intense, much less stalker.

I can understand that you miss him a lot and that you’re dying to be with him again, as before. But you must not go to the rhythm of your impulses, but to the rhythm of reason.

Do not send messages constantly, or go where you know he frequents only to see him. You must make him be the one who misses you, and that will only be achieved by moving away from him initially, in this way his subconscious will begin to value why you are not, and he will tend to look for the positive aspects of the beginning.

4. Inverting the papers.

As I told you, now you must be the object of desire.

So during the zero contact time, you should worry about certain aspects, such as your appearance, you should project an image of security in yourself.

Renew your closet, get another cut, change your look a bit. Do exercises, or do activities that you like.

Renew yourself. You’ll see how you feel much better. This way you will see yourself very attractive for your ex.

5. Retake the contact.

When you have reached the previous points, it is time to resume contact, and you will do it through the front door.

Never forget that you must see yourself with confidence, happy, and secure, and you will see how you become a magnet for him.

For this first contact use a good fragrance that attracts him, this is very important since the sense of smell is the sense that best stores memories, and we will create a good first memory in this first contact. Perfume with pheromones works very well in this regard.

You can resume contact through social networks, showing an image that projects all your change, or in person. By causing a first positive impact, his mind will remember everything positive about the relationship.