How to conquer your ex-boyfriend?

A love breakup can become very difficult to assimilate and very hard, more than anything when you would not have wanted things to end like this.

If over time you realize that he is the man of your life, you should not be discouraged, because here I show you how to conquer your ex-boyfriend by carrying out a series of steps.

You must avoid the typical mistakes when returning to fall in love with your ex, since this will only make him move further away, even reaching the point of not answering any call or message, bury the relationship forever.

The vast majority of relationships are recoverable after a breakup, as long as you come to accept the current situation and keep your mind cold to apply the following steps.

How to conquer your ex-boyfriend?

1. You must accept the rupture.

If it is he who broke the relationship you must accept his decision, and you must give him the necessary time so that he can think clearly. Subconsciously he will begin to value you, and by behaving with dignity he will respect you more.

Never resort to dramatic scenes of getting angry with him, or start crying, with this you will only be able to scare him away. By acting calmly you will awaken his curiosity, and perhaps expect a different attitude in you.

2. Cancel all communication.

The zero contact to recover it is vital.

It usually happens that when the break is recent all the emotions are too latent. So you must cut off all communication so that later you do not regret what you can say. Take the time not to contact him for at least 1 month.

This will allow each one to reconsider what happened, it is a good stage for both to calm down, reflect, and heal old wounds.

3. How to get a man back by being honest with yourself.

You must honestly evaluate the relationship, and think about the detail that made the relationship not work. Were there mistakes only of him ? or your mistakes too ?.
Identify all the mistakes, and find a way to counteract them if you could go back together.

Maybe you should change some behavior of yours, so evaluate if it is possible to do so. And later you can expose your ex what you did not like about him, so he also makes an effort to change it.

4. Talk to someone about the subject.

It is quite common to talk to a friend, or relative, and ask for help because your ex has left you.

It is quite healthy to do it since other people can give you a different perspective than you had.

It works well enough to adopt different positions in life that in the future will make you have a more stable relationship.

Talking with another person will also make you able to say everything you think without blame, without the need to generate even worse harm in the relationship.

5. Take care of yourself and improve certain aspects.

You should take some time to focus on your needs.

So do things that make you happy: rest, take long baths, exercise, eat healthily. You’ll see yourself better and you’ll feel better about yourself. You must feel this way before resuming the relationship.

Take on new opportunities to be better, and show the best version of yourself. If you want to improve your figure, do it for yourself, and not because you want to recover him. Also, try to recover those hobbies that you adored.

6. Let him contact you.

If you have correctly applied the zero contact, and if you have used that time to improve, it is very likely that he will contact you, it will not seem normal that you have not shown signs of life in all this time.

So when he contacts you, do not make it difficult, and respond diplomatically, and sweetly.

After some conversations you can suggest meeting in person, for this, you must look for a neutral place, that does not bring bad memories.

7. Highlight the positive things.

You must remind him of the positive things he fell in love with, and under no circumstances bring out past negative aspects of the relationship.

You could go back to using the same perfume that you used when you had the first date, this works quite well since the sense of smell is the best and most of the time is stored in the brain.

Always remind him of the good times you shared together

Do not rush to want to resume the relationship, before you must be sure that negative issues are not going to be repeated, or because you are committed to change, or because things that can not be changed you are willing to sink.

If so, you should be grateful to recover again the relationship you so much wanted.