Actions That Betray That You Still Think Of Your Ex

When a courtship ends, we want to definitely forget that person. However, this requires a process to assimilate the situation. According to a study from The Journal of Positive Psychology, it took 11 weeks to realize the good things about ending a relationship.

But if that time has passed and you feel that when you hear his name things still go through your head, you probably still think of your ex. Next, we tell you other actions that are also giving you away:

Actions That Betray That You Still Think Of Your Ex

1. Compare potential partners with your ex.

This usually happens at the beginning, but if this situation continues, you are in trouble. Remember that by comparing your new prospect with your ex will not be any progress.

2. You are happy if you have any interaction in social networks.

If every time your ex likes “or” sees your stories on Instagram, it excites you, it’s because he still has you in his sights. If the relationship ended, it is better to remove him from your social networks, so you will overcome the process faster.

3. Check his Facebook or Instagram status.

If you are one of those people who usually check your ex’s social networks every hour, maybe it is time to block it to avoid bad times, such as finding something you did not want to see.

4. You refer to the breakup as “for some time”.

They ask you about him and you usually answer that you are “giving yourselves some time”, but this is a symptom of denial and still not accepting that your relationship is over.