Why Is It Important To Say I Love You?

Know the 4 reasons to justify your gestures of love (according to science!)

One of the most beautiful sensations in life is for the person we love to confess their infatuation. At that moment, we can touch the sky with our hands and feel how they hug our hearts. I found out why saying I love you is important. Give voice to your love!

Why Is It Important To Say I Love You?

1. The heart speaks.

The specialists discovered that many men confess their love quicky for economic pressures. Therefore, many women distrust and suspect these feelings. The commitment has to come from the heart for the “I love you” to be valid. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to show your emotions. It is preferable that when you do it you are sure. Remember that on the other side there is a person who will believe in you.

2. The perfect time is NOW.

A study shows that most people just say “I love you” in romantic situations. In some cultures, love is best communicated with non-verbal expressions, such as gestures, gifts, or through physical contact. It doesn’t matter how you say it, the important thing is to do it. There is no point in waiting, the perfect moment does not exist. Say it now!

3. Feed the love.

Men tend to say “I love you” before women during courtship, but women are more eloquent when the couple is established. Getting married does not mean that love is turned off. Encourage the use of the phrase. Why not leave posters for your husband? Maybe he likes the idea and can express himself better that way.

4. Lasting love.

There are four things that can destroy your love relationship: repetitive criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and closing in on yourself. Therefore, expressing your love is one of the tools to fight heartbreak and last longer with your partner.

How good to know that two words can change so much in the couple! My advice is that you don’t say “me too” if you don’t feel it and never deprive yourself of showing your emotions. Sincerity in your partner is the key to having a longer and more united relationship. Now that you know why saying I love you is important, don’t stop saying it!