What kind of single are you?

Even if you do not believe it, your personality says a lot about you in affective relationships.

Do you feel identified?

Some women, for different reasons, decide to give themselves a space in their emotional relationships, to dedicate themselves fully to recognizing themselves, to love themselves and to try to live in solitude.

However, although for some it turns out to be a fortune, for others it turns out to be one of the most tortuous states of their life, so it implies feeling butterflies and then becoming parasites.

All covens show various behaviors of women who are part of them.

With which of these single women do you identify yourself?

What kind of single are you?

1. Single Independent.

Her emotional intelligence is so strong that nothing makes her tie herself to another person.

Her priorities are established so that her decisions do not falter.

It is difficult to conquer her heart, and sometimes she intimidates the masculine gender a lot, which becomes a gain when she becomes someone who really values the times and spaces of others.

Most of the time she comes out triumphantly in her emotional relationships.

2. Single with a stone heart.

She has not had very good experiences with men who have been part of her life, her general concept part of “all men are the same”.

Her heart has been exposed to many disappointments, so she seems strong and without feelings.

She is absolutely radical, she does not like demonstrations of affection in public and she can not bear her space to be invaded, however, when she decides to be special, she is very devoted and affectionate.

3. Romantic Single.

There is no one who believes in love more than she does.

She is in love with everything that represents smiling because her heart beats at a thousand revolutions because of this feeling.

It is normal sometimes to find her sad or frustrated because she does not have the ideal man by her side, however, movies and romantic songs are her points of equilibrium.

She is not afraid of commitment.

4. Single extremist.

She is the typical woman who drowns in a small glass of water and firmly claims that love was not created for her, so she manifests all the time that she has bad luck, that her energy is blocked and that no man comes near her.

So as much as her friends tell her she is wrong, her stubbornness reigns.

5. Happy single.

She is characterized by knowing how to manage her emotions.

She knows how to live in the moment, enjoys its company and does not terrify her at all to be without a stable partner.

She understands by her own hand that love arrives at the least expected moment, she does not enter into deep existential crises and leaves in the background what her friends think of her sentimental state.

Which one do you feel identified with?