What Does An Intelligent Man Look For In A Woman?

Here we share the list of six aspects that men look for in a partner.

Smart or not, all men look for women who, beyond generating problems or conflicts, represent that person where they can find, in addition to love, support to realize projects together. They want someone by their side to be, as the song says, their friend, lover and in some cases: wife.

Surely you are the woman who always dreamed of the physical aspect, for something you are together, but in practice, men also seek tranquility and especially someone who wants to run the risk of walking with them in good times and bad. Imagine that he has a bad time, what will you do? Surely your choice is not to run, but to help him out of the problem.

Here we’ll tell you what an intelligent man looks to for in a woman:

What Does An Intelligent Man Look For In A Woman

1. Friend and lover.

Imagine that in addition to being the woman he loves and drives him crazy in intimacy, he can also afford to tell you all his secrets, that will show him that he can trust you.

Men are looking for an ideal companion to motivate them to come home every afternoon, because you will surely spend the afternoon laughing, watching movies or playing video games together; If you already have children, you will surely enjoy these activities even more.

2. Zero dramas.

Obviously they want someone to stay out of unnecessary scenes and dramas. Believe me that if you start to “build up problems” all you will get is to annoy him, so I recommend that if you have a problem, tell him directly that it bothers you and propose a solution.

3. An independent woman.

Of course, he likes to help you solve things in everyday life or take you everywhere, but if something leaves him incredibly captivated, is that you can manage yourself without him. Show him that you can be happy if he is not there and you will have him at your feet.

4. Have clear objectives and goals.

They love being next to a successful woman, full and with goals in life. Finishing your master’s degree, running thousands of kilometers or winning a prize for your work will make him feel that he chose the right woman who he can be very proud of.

5. Make it fun.

Bye presumed girls, although men like you to have a certain style in your acting, the truth is that in practice they prefer a woman with whom they can have fun in every way, from spending the afternoon in a bar with your friends, to go to the movies and walk through the woods. Remember this: men hate boring people.


In all areas, men like their partner to respect their preferences, be their favorite football team, food, drinks or tastes to dress. In practice, they hate that someone tries to change them or impose something that they are not, consider it!