What does a man do when he falls in love

The feeling of love can be equally intense for both genders, but the stages through which that love is built and consolidated are quite different between sexes.

To make a man fall in love with you completely, you must understand how he thinks and how he falls in love.

We know that when women fall in love everything turns rosy and they are not afraid to show their feelings with affection, sweet words and cloying text messages from the beginning.

But when a man falls in love it is different. And you need to know what exactly happens in his mind in order to fulfill your goal of having him at your feet.

For men, falling in love is a happy experience, but true love does not hit them with all its potential until some time has passed.

While many women may experience a series of intense feelings just by meeting a man they like, men’s minds do not work exactly this way.

The seven stages of infatuation in men

Normally, the phases of men falling in love can be divided into the following levels.

What does a man do when he falls in love

1. Physical appreciation.

This first stage has everything to do with physical appearance and instant attraction.

And yes, we know women hate it, but the truth is that the vast majority of men are superficial at first sight.

While women really fall in love in the first conversation, men at first only look at the physical aspects and nothing else.

Physical appearance is the most important thing for men. But on many occasions, it is not necessarily everything. Each boy has his own unique and unrepeatable preferences about what he likes in a woman. Be it your face, your legs, or even the way you play with your hair.

A man may not even be very clear about what he likes about a woman. But if he finds something physically attractive in her, he will enter the stage of physical appreciation.

2. Infatuation.

Men physically appreciate many women a day. They are always trying to take another look or get the attention of those they find attractive.

But those attempts are not always successful, either because they did not try hard enough or because the girl does not like them.

In these cases, men simply move on to something else. But when the girl has responded with a little attention or agrees to go on a date, comes the state of infatuation, that is, the one in which his interest is doubled.

Infatuation should not be confused with romantic love. Simply for them, it is that a particular objective is becoming more viable and they begin to invest a lot of effort and energy in it.

A man can start courting a woman in various charming ways.

He is not yet in love with her but begins to occupy more and more space in his head.

3. Attraction.

If an attractive girl is reciprocal with the attempts of the conquest of a boy, he enters fully into the phase of the frank attraction that is where he can admit to himself that that particular person likes him enough to start a process of courtship.

Until this moment, a man can get away from a girl without any emotional pain because he has not yet created a bond with her.

He is not really putting all his resources and much less the emotional ones and if he is rejected he can go ahead as if nothing had happened because he was not in love, he was just trying his luck.

But when the thing begins to be serious, and the girl shows a reciprocal interest in his approaches, the man enters fully the attraction stage and decides that he will do whatever is necessary so that she feels the same.

Suddenly, the other girls in his environment begin to take a back seat.

4. Impression.

Understanding how a man falls in love can be complicated, what we do know is that no point predisposes him more to falling in love than this. Suddenly, he discovers that all he wants to do is spend time with that special girl and that she likes him a lot.

To do things that impress her and make her fall in love, surprise her and take her out for a walk or dinner or whatever he can do.

He is not yet in love because he continues to see the conquest as an objective in itself, but he is already beginning to notice the real person behind that pretty face.

5. Conviction.

When a man has successfully gone through the previous stages of the infatuation process, he begins to wonder if there is anything else that makes his relationship with this girl special.

But instead of falling in love with her, he’s more concerned about making her fall in love. In his head, she can still be a challenge, but deep down he does it because he wants her to be just as much in love as he is before he has to accept it before himself.

In this stage, he continues to like the girl a lot, as well as spending as much time as possible with her, but the uncertainty will confuse him a bit and he may start to act in somewhat contradictory ways, but in the end his goal is to get relevance in the eyes of the girl he likes.

6. Reaffirmation.

At this point, if things have gone well and he is dating the woman he likes, a man will be immensely happy and good all day.

If things have not gone well, obsession and bitterness may begin to come.

But until now, his primary goal was for her to develop feelings for him, to become necessary in his life. Now, he wonders how far he can get in the long term with her and begins to form expectations about a more serious relationship.

It is important to note that a man is hardly going to pose a serious relationship with a woman who does not feel emotionally secure, and that is why they juggle so much so that women fall in love.

Therefore, it is not until this point that women can be sure that they are the only ones in their map of conquests.

The others may have lost importance before, but it is at this moment that he considers the decision to remain only with the right one. And that is the one you want to be.

7. Complete infatuation.

If a man is convinced that he really likes a woman and wants to be with her in the long term, he enters the final and maximum stage of falling in love.

On the other hand, if in the previous stage he really was not completely convinced that she was the right one, he is likely to return to the attraction stage and stay there. He could also start looking for other girls.

Sometimes, this mistake in the last stage is what explains why a guy with whom things went wonderfully suddenly begins to behave differently “out of nowhere”.

How to use these stages in your favor?

The way men fall in love can be confusing and strange for women who, in a way, are more direct emotionally.

And it’s even stranger, that men need the girl first to be in love to be able for them to fall in love with her. But that’s the way things are and it’s best to use them to your advantage with intelligence.

If you want to beat a man at his own game and get him to prove himself madly in love first, do not make it so obvious that you like him.

Give him ambiguous clues but keep him interested. It is a complex game, but who knows how to play always has a great advantage with men.

It all comes down to the fact that what we find most difficult to obtain is what we value most. But for this, you have to show even a small amount of interest during the first stages.

So if you are going to play the hard part, make sure that at least he is already infatuated with you so that he keeps trying more and more.