What do men really want you to tell them in sex?

The time has come to know what your partner really wants to feel and hear in privacy, we have the key to driving him crazy for you.

To find out what your partner really wants in bed we gave ourselves the task of investigating with an expert and he revealed some secrets about what men really want in bed, you will be speechless.

There will be some things on the list that you already know, others, on the contrary, will leave you surprised, remember that in sex there are no limits, try to explore new techniques to obtain and give pleasure.

What do men really want you to tell them in sex?

1. Wants you to ask for sex.

Women tend to focus on the romantic and emotional side of sex, while men just want to go straight to bed and feel pleasure, forget about romanticism and tell them in the ear while you have dinner that you want to have intimacy as soon as possible.

2. Wants you to disclose your fantasies.

Don’t be shy to express what excites you, what you like, what you want. And in the same way, be curious to discover what excites him and what he wants to experience in intimacy. What do you really want in bed?

3. Wants to listen to you have an orgasm.

Your partner wants to know that you are enjoying the same or more than him.

Helping a woman’s achieve orgasm can be exciting and usually makes him feel proud, he wants to feel that he is able to take you to paradise.

4. He wants you to be loving.

No matter how rude your man looks, it will always be pleasant for you to caress him while snuggling him in your body after having intimacy.

Men, like girls, want to kiss, hug and say sweet things after the act.

5. He wants to listen to how much you like him.

Never forget to tell your partner how attractive he looks without clothes, they also need one or another compliment. Dare to tell him what you love most about his physique.