What A Man Wants In A Woman

Women would all love to really know what men think about them and what attracts them.

Women tend to believe that men pay attention to different things than them. However, when starting a relationship what they seek is not so different from what women want.

Know some of the things a man wants in a woman Next:

What A Man Wants In A Woman

1. Trust.

For men, there is nothing sexier than a woman who feels comfortable with her body and personality.

If you are one of those who constantly ask how they look, try to avoid it;

If you are constantly needing to be told that you are beautiful, he will begin to question it.

Feeling cute and comfortable with your way of being, he will feel much more attracted.

2. Sensuality.

Clearly, not everything is about appearance; sensuality has to do with an air of sexuality and confidence that you can transmit to everyone who sees you.

The way to achieve this is by dressing sexy and elegant.

Take the classic black dress from the closet and some heels for your next date, encourage yourself to wear sexy lingerie, red lipstick and you can transmit to your partner all your sensuality.

3. Intelligence.

Men want a girlfriend who they can feel is their equal.

So show how smart and capable you are, do not be afraid to think differently and defend your beliefs and ideals if you think it’s necessary.

Showing yourself secure, confident and intelligent will attract him much more than if you are easy and submissive.

4. Spontaneity.

Spontaneity is key in every relationship.

Men love a woman who is creative, has ideas and looks for new ways to have a good time.

Put aside the routine and have more fun with your partner proposing new experiences, places, and activities to do both together.

5. Zero drama.

Women have many pressures, stress, and expectations. But what men want is a relaxed, understanding and stress-free woman.

After a long day of work, what they least want is that you scold them for not washing the dishes or that you are in a bad mood due to fatigue.

We all have a busy routine and responsibilities to fulfill, so it is best to find a way to both relax and enjoy each other, avoiding unnecessary drama.

6. Honesty.

Honesty is important in every relationship. Therefore, you must be honest and show your feelings.

If he does not feel able to trust you, you will never succeed as a couple. Find a way to open up and transmit what you feel for him.

7. Support.

While men love the role of “caring” and protecting their partner, they also seek support and restraint in her. He needs to know that he can count on you and that you will support him in the decisions he makes.

You can show your support with small gestures of affection, listen to him after work and offer him your point of view.

Try to support him without suffocating him.

Men look for independent women, sure of themselves, with goals, but also show their love and know how to support the other, leaving behind the drama and fights to enjoy a healthy relationship and love.

Try to follow these tips and you will see how the relationship improves.