Ways A Man Seduces You When He Likes You

By nature, men love to seduce, since their ancestors they have taken the role of the “hunter” in all aspects of their lives, both to obtain food and achieve survival, as well as to find a woman for reproduction. Therefore they are said to be experts in the art of seduction.

However, times and needs have changed and now they do not have the need to find a partner to mate and perpetuate the species but to be happy and enjoy life as a couple. Usually, they send a few small signs that show that they are dying of love for a woman and want her to be by his side.

Ways A Man Seduces You When He Likes You

1. His body language.

Although little attention is paid to body movements, 90% of what we express we do thanks to them. Therefore, when a guy gets too close to you, looks for any opportunity to touch any part of your body, speaks to your ear under any pretext, and does not stop following you with his eyes, he is trying to seduce you.

2. Makes small jokes.

When a man wants to look ‘nice’ he usually makes some funny comments. Mind you, these are never hurtful or ruthless, on the contrary, they are fun and enjoyable. They think that good humor is the best weapon of seduction and they are not wrong, so they try to gain the woman’s attention by making her laugh.

3. Flatters.

Words play an important role when it comes to seducing and when a man wants to gain a woman’s attention he does not hesitate to highlight all her qualities. Whether he tells you that you have beautiful eyes, smile, hair, etc. Of course, each guy does it differently, but in case he always has a compliment for you, you should not doubt that he wants to seduce you.

4. The treatment to the girl he likes is different.

They may be small details, however, they are noticeable. When a man is in love he has different attentions with that person, his way of addressing her is different from that of the rest. If a man wants to seduce you, you will realize when he does things for you that he does not do with the rest.

5. He treats you in a special way.

With you, he changes some of his personality, you have noticed that he is more gentlemanly than with other people, respectful and kind. He treats you differently and addresses you as he does not do it with others around him.

6. He always has interactions with you on social networks.

If there is no publication in which you do not have a “like” from him, he comments on all your photos and has even tagged you in some of his publications, he is trying to get noticed and make public that he is interested in you. If he follows you on Instagram, Twitter, and all social networks and even takes the time to interact with you through them, it is because he is subtly trying to seduce you.

7. He always listens to you.

One of the things that women love is being listened to, so when a man pays attention to all those things that she tells him, in a short time he wins her heart. When a man wants to seduce, he knows that he has to listen, to be interested in her, in what she says, to participate in the conversation, to remember data of what she has spoken to him in future conversations.

As you can see, seeing if that guy wants to have something more than a friendship with you is something simple, therefore in case you also want it, all you have to do is accept all those details and enjoy them to the fullest.