Types of men that you will fall in love with throughout your life

Before finding the love of your life you will have to meet others who will teach you everything you want and what you do not want.

There are those who find theirs much earlier, perhaps in the first attempt and that’s fine, but if in your case you have met many men and you still do not find the right one, then you will feel identified with this entry.

Remember that it is not about spending your whole life looking for the right person, but about living happily whether or not you are with someone.

In any case, these are the types of men that you will surely meet before the definitive one.

Types of men that you will fall in love with throughout your life

1. The Jerk.

Let’s start with the most obvious and the most common; women all will meet that guy who knows how to value the woman who is beside him and that although he has very good qualities in the background he will not be good enough for you to stay with him.

2. The insecure.

Yes, that boy who does not know what he wants and who does not seem to be in a hurry to find out.

This man will be like a tightrope, will make you live good and bad emotions all at the same time, although he is not dishonest or intends to hurt you, he just does not want to take things to the next level.

3. The Impossible.

This man is the one who seems perfect to you, who has everything you look for in someone, who treats you well and has many virtues, but who simply can not be with you either because he is already with another person, does not feel the same for you or simply the circumstances of life do not allow you to be together.

4. The problematic.

You have all met that bad and misunderstood boy who, despite not being good for you, you have fallen in love with him.

This type of man is always like a fantasy, something that happens and that must come to an end for your mental health.

Whether you want it or not, at some point you will fall in love with one like that.

5. The unrequited.

It will also be your turn to be on the other side, that is, you will also meet guys who are dying for you but who will not arise any interest.

It does not mean that there is something wrong with this type of guy, maybe even he’s someone “ideal”, but you simply do not feel anything for him.

6. Mamma’s boy.

Also known as Peter Pan syndrome, you will meet a man who despite being an adult has no maturity.

Generally, this type of man seeks a substitute for his mother in a couple, someone who “attends” him at all times and without objection.

7. The one that always comes back.

We all have a love that although is no longer present, always will be in love with us.

Someone from whom we had to separate for a thousand reasons but not for lack of love; These types of men are always looking for the opportunity to relive the love that once existed.

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