Tricks To Conquer Him Using Only Your Eyes

The art of seduction is a technique that not many girls dominate.

And the game of the eyes is the most subtle and most effective of all techniques, it’s all a matter of losing shyness, it’s not easy, but if you take some of the following advice, the boy will end at your feet:

Tricks To Conquer Him Using Only Your Eyes

1. Makeup.

The makeup for the eyes that I like the most in women is the smokey, it will make your eyes look mysterious and your look more penetrating.

If you want something more natural, focus on the eyelashes and a subtle outline.

2. Look for his look.

The first thing you should do is find that someone for your “experiment”, look subtly for his eyes and wait for the boy to shoot you a quick glance.

3. Send a good message.

Through your gaze you can transmit hatred towards a person, attraction, sadness, etc.

So when you cross glances with a boy, try to convey happiness or pleasure by watching him.

4. Eyebrow arching.

A subtle raising of eyebrows is the best technique to make him understand the message, it is like a message of, “yes, you are seeing well … I’m trying to flirt with you”.

5. Smile.

If you are a girl with a very little expressive look and the boy has no idea why you are seeing him, maybe you will only get him out of control.

Accompany your look with a subtle smile, so the boy will know you are trying to seduce him.

6. Keep your eyes.

you should keep in mind that you have to keep your eyes the time necessary for him to get the message.

I would say that you calculate between 3 and 5 seconds.

7. Look away.

After each eye contact, retreat with a “look down”; in simpler words, look away from him with a lot of subtlety, that the boy does not notice when you stopped looking at him, but keep checking him out with the corner of your eye without seeing him well.

Everything is a matter of practice.

8. The art of subtlety.

Even if the guy is a total biscuit, try not to devour him with your eyes, the point of a good game of looks is just to flirt and not morbidly.