Tricks and Tips to Seduce Someone

Are you ready for the sexual revolution?

You may be hooked on First Dates or one of the many dating shows on television. You may, therefore, have learned something about love and dating lately, but of course, if you want to seduce someone, there are some basic and simple rules encompassed in what we usually refer to as “being oneself”.

Yes, each one is the way it is and that should be enough, but sometimes an extra little help is not bad, so we go there with a few tips to succeed on a first date.

Tricks and Tips to Seduce Someone

1. The mantra: be yourself.

Yes, we started by emphasizing this idea because it is fundamental.

It may sound like a cliché that you have to like others the way they are, but it is also an irrefutable truth. There will always be someone who likes your way of being or understands you.

Be yourself. Try to be a good version of yourself on the first date, because it is about making a good impression, but of course, do not lie about yourself or pretend to be someone you are not.

If you’re tempted about it, think what’s the use?

2. Laugh!

In the game of love, a sense of humor plays a fundamental role. What do you want to be together for if you are not going to have fun?

To enjoy, it is essential to share, even a little, the sense of humor.

Talk to him about series or about some movies and discover if you like the same things.

In a first date it is normal to reign the shyness and courtesy, but if you agree on any of these you can surely start laughing remembering some funny scene. This is how the ice breaks!

3. Conversation yes, but interesting, please.

It is also essential that you speak a lot.

It does not make much sense that your first date takes place in a cinema, a concert or a theater since it is about you talking and getting to know each other.

So, take the reins of the conversation and take an interest in it: ask him about his work, his hometown, his childhood, his hobbies …

There are a thousand things you can talk about!

And, of course, if he does not care about you in the same way, consider yourself if it is really worth knowing him.

4. Flirt a little without being too obvious?

Social conventions say that you have to be subtle, letting him take the first step or suggest without showing.

Well, fuck the social conventions. We are in the 21st century and if we said before that you have to be yourself, we can not stop defending it.

If you feel like flirting with him to show your interest, go ahead. If he is a person capable of being with someone like you, he will know how to handle the situation.

If you are shyer and you want him to take the first step, it is also good.

5. Feel comfortable in every way.

Much has also been talked about how to dress on a first date. Well, one more time: as you please. Do not let anyone tell you how you have to dress.

And if you want to go with the first thing you take, that’s fine too. Of course, remember that it is about discovering how you are to the other person, so dress and adjust according to your personality.

6. A little physical contact.

It may be the case that you want to flirt and you do not know very well how.

If you like or you are very fond of that special person but you do not see yourself capable of verbalizing it, a good option is to make them see it in another way.

For example, physical contact is crucial in these cases.

Play to say that you are going to read the lines of the hand to grab it or touch him with your leg while you are drinking something. Sometimes a gesture is worth a thousand words.

7. Act normal!

As much as he attracts you or you think he is the man of your dreams, try not to show it too much.

One thing is to be yourself and another thing is to be too excited at the idea of being able to start a relationship with that person.

Take things easy and go little by little discovering that person and letting him discover you.

Do not send him a thousand Whatsapp messages before or after going out with him if you do not receive an answer or constantly asking him what he thinks of you.

Act as if you were just a friend!

8. Originality to power.

And finally, give an original touch to the meeting thinking of a special place but not too romantic.