Tips to wake up more attractive

Is it possible to wake up more attractive every morning? Of course.

The nights not only serve to rest, they are also very useful to correct your imperfections, since there are some beauty tips that improve your appearance while you sleep.

According to information published in The Huffington Post, all you have to do is spend a few minutes before going to bed to implement these beauty tips to get a shiny hair, hydrated skin, and whiter teeth.

Start today!

 Tips to wake up more attractive

1. Eliminate roughness.

If your feet are dry, cracked or with calluses apply a little Vaseline or moisturizing cream on them and put some cotton socks to sleep.

This part of your body will feel softer.

You can do the same with your hands, but instead of socks, put on some cotton gloves.

 2. Whiter teeth.

After brushing your teeth normally, place baking soda in the brush and wash again.

This ingredient will polish the tooth surface. Do it once a week to avoid denture damage.

 3. Healthy hair.

Avoid breakage and static when using satin pillowcases.

The hair slides, so the damage is minimized. If you have long hair, make a loose braid to avoid knots.

 4. Hydrate your skin.

Sleep with a humidifier in your bedroom, this reverses the process of dehydration of the skin.

Change the water and filter daily as indicated to avoid mold.

 5. Long eyelashes.

Apply a little castor oil on the lashes at night.

Use a clean cloth and place it along the growth line.

You will notice results in approximately 12 weeks.

 6. Open ends.

Heat some extra virgin olive oil in the microwave.

Pour on the hair giving a small massage on the scalp and place a hat or towel.

Rinse after 15 minutes and rest all night.

7. Deep exfoliation.

Before you take a hot bath at night, brush your body dry; you will exfoliate it, activate circulation, detoxify the lymphatic system, eliminate dead skin cells and reduce cellulite.

Take advantage of every night to pamper your body, especially if you lead a very stressed life.

Calm your mind and balance all your emotions to see yourself more rejuvenated and beautiful every morning.

Remember that stress is the worst enemy of beauty, so relax!