Tips To Know If He Flirts With You

Although women do not realize, they all have a suitor, someone who sighs for them and who would like to invite you to go out and take the relationship to another level.

Some are shy and do not dare to ask you directly, while others are thrown and go straight to the point.

But if you want to be sure if he is trying to flirt, there are some signs that any kind of man will do. Do not miss it!

Tips To Know If He Flirts With You

10. Looks for reasons to talk.

A boy who is attracted to you will try to spend as much time with you as possible.

If you notice that he always makes a conversation, asks about your life or even thinks about talking about the weather, it is because he wants to keep in touch with you.

9. Treats you differently.

If you notice that he acts differently with you than with the rest of your friends or study or work colleagues, it is clear that he has feelings.

If he is more attentive to your needs, he always tries to help you with something, it is clear that it is his way of showing that he is interested.

8. Shows more interest.

If you talk about serious things or irrelevant things, he is always attentive to everything you say, he stares at you and is interested in what you say, it’s another way of flirting.

Also because of the fact that he can not hide that he is interested in knowing what you have to say.

7. Listen carefully.

It may be that neither of your friends pays attention to you or try to listen to you while they watch the cell phone, but the truth is that a man who wants to seduce you will always listen to you with attention.

Tries to retain information about how you are, what you like or something you said to ask you later.

6. Always smiles.

A person when flirting always smiles.

And it is not a false gesture to try to conquer you but natural, being with someone who attracts you, the smile comes naturally and can not hide it.

5. Searches for physical contact.

When we are attracted to a person, our body instinctively seeks contact.

If he gets too close to talking to you, rubs your arm or looks for an excuse to hug you or to generate minimal contact, it is a sign that he is flirting.

4. Tries to get your attention.

When a boy likes you he will try to make you consider him a possible candidate.

For that, he will try to conquer you.

If he makes jokes and looks at you, it’s because he seeks your approval.

If he starts talking louder than others or telling interesting things about your life, it is clear that what he is looking for is to impress you.

3. Shows himself shy.

While some men are shyer and others are more flirtatious, when flirting with the girl they like, everyone usually becomes shy.

And it is logical since they fear the answer, they do not want to be rejected and at the same time, the feeling makes them feel shame and discomfort when talking to you.

2. He gets nervous.

Associated with shyness are the nerves, for the same reasons that shyness arises.

When talking or flirting with the girl they like they do not want to make a mistake or say something they regret.

That’s why they get nervous and may seem clumsy when talking to you.

1. Whenever he sees you, he wants to talk to you.

If he sees you in the distance and crosses to say hello, he offers to accompany you to the bus stop or he always looks for a way to be together a little longer, it is another way to flirt and showing you that he is interested.

Do you feel identified with these attitudes of flirting men?