Tips to conquer a man without losing his friendship

Women today are not afraid to take the first step in a relationship, they are not afraid to show that they like a boy and, in this 90% macho society, men do not know how to act in this situation.

One of the main obstacles to falling in love with a person is losing a friendship, so today we present 7 practical tips to conquer the man you like so much … and not scare him in the attempt.

Tips to conquer a man without losing his friendship

1. Never imitate the behavior a man, much less compete with him.

Many women, either conscious or unconscious, end up imitating the behavior of the boys; Definitely, it is not the key to attract them.

Do not look to compete with him, rather seek to be his complement, his other half.

2. Attitude is fundamental.

If you really want to conquer a man, your attitude plays a fundamental role, since they visualize the opportunities they have to establish a free, lasting relationship or a simple encounter.

Define what kind of relationship you want and show yourself according to your intentions with him.

3. The fact of being a successful and independent woman does not take away her humble and feminine side.

It must be clear at all times that the fact of having achieved a certain status or having beauty in your favor does not imply that you should humiliate a man or any person; guys hate this.

Humility is the greatest greatness of the human being.

4. Never believe yourself to be the last drop of water in the middle of the desert.

It is true that men tend to show their interest in women and initiate this search and flirting process, but it is not their obligation to beg them either.

Never believe yourself superior to him or anyone.

Every couple must complement each other; even if they do not have the same tastes, they can create that magic and empathy that make possible the fusion of two opposite poles that attract each other.

5. Show yourself natural and spontaneous before all.

Give yourself permission to be imperfect and from time to time lose the glamor, it is not bad, on the contrary, it is positive in every couple relationship.

6. Try to be more accessible and less unreachable.

The image of a fatal and unattainable woman will not help men to approach you.

Learn to be kinder, more approachable while remaining a lady at all times.

7. Avoid wanting to have control of everything at all times.

There are women who always want to have control of everyone and everything.

If you are accustomed to an independent life in which you choose what to do and how it is difficult for you to interact in a stable and lasting relationship.

You must give opportunities to your boy, who also chooses what activities he wants to share with you.

Most men are greatly annoyed by possessive and controlling women.