Tips to be the perfect girlfriend according to men

In love there are many complicated things, it is full of comings and goings, of encounters and disagreements, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it is the cause of our greatest happiness, so bipolar is love.

There is no exact manual of what should be done to make your relationship successful, but there are some tips that can be obtained thanks to the experience and the opinion of those involved.

Today we bring you a compilation of 10 tips that will make you the perfect girlfriend for any man, they will realize that you love them and accept them as they are.
Pay attention!

Tips to be the perfect girlfriend according to men

1. Give him his space:

This is super important, do not be all day over your boyfriend, he also needs to go out with his friends, he needs to watch his television, you have to let him breathe.
Let him do only the things he likes, if he asks you to accompany him, then do it.

He will notice your effort to give him his space and he will feel good, he will feel that you understand him.

2. Do not overprotect him:

Your partner already has his mother to spoil him, men do not want a second mother to tell them everything they have to do, they want a partner, a life partner, someone who is attentive and not a substitute mother.

Do not treat him as a child.

3. Do not renege everything:

Keep the good mood, we know that in the relationship there will always be problems and fights, it is common, but do not make a storm in a glass of water.

Do not be bored, do not be all day with the face of few friends.

Be positive and always smile. They also like you to make them laugh!

4. Do not make him wait so long:

It is a fact that men should always wait for their girlfriends to be fully groomed, but it is also not fair that you make them wait 3 hours for a meeting you had scheduled months ago.

Be practical. But do not delay so much, get up earlier and do not abuse the patience of your boyfriend.

Be understanding with him.

5. Get involved in his family:

Men love that you feel part of their family and their environment, if they really want something serious with you they will introduce you to their family and they will look for a way for you to be well received and have a cordial treatment with their relatives.

If you have a good relationship with his mother or sisters, you will have extra points.

6. Do not be overly jealous:

Jealousy is understandable to some extent, but if you get upset even because he talks to his niece, you really have problems, and no matter how much he loves you, that man will feel drowned and will step aside.

Do not see ghosts where there are none, be sure and trust your partner and your relationship.

7. Have goals:

Men love intelligent and determined women, those who, if they want the moon, go and take it down, although sometimes they are afraid of them, a woman like that is someone who will make him tremble whenever he is by her side.

They see smart and determined women very attractive.

8. Do not push him:

Men hate feeling pressured, show him that he is super important for you but do not spend all day on him telling him what to do and what not to do.

Do not call him every five minutes, he will drown and will not answer.

Be patient, love is built little by little.

9. Surprise him:

A man also wants to be surprised, he also needs the flame of love to stay on, a detail from time to time would not hurt him.

He does not always have to do everything, you must also do your part.

This does not mean that you should do crazy things, a detail in his note diary, in his college notebook or something similar will change his day.

10. Do not beat around the bush:

This is essential, you must be direct.

Men do not understand hints, or things understood for women.

Do not go around when you want to say something, go straight to the point, it is very difficult for men to understand what you want to say to them if you are giving hints, they are not fortune-tellers.

Tell him what you feel, tell him what you think, it will do very well to your relationship.