Tips to attract a man

Finally, I want to give you some tips that make the difference between women who have that seductive and elegant side of those others that practically become a mission impossible for them.

Tips to attract a man

1. Attract a boy by simply looking at him.

It may seem absurd, and to some extent logical, but it is worth remembering. Your look is the real advantage, so you must work on it.

You must be the one who chooses between shy looks, or relaxed and sincere looks.

The first step is visual contact, and the first impression should always be the best.

2. Indifference.

This is not about ignoring him from the beginning or passing him, but you must try to give the image of a challenge.

The easy things do not call them so much attention, as the scarce and difficult.

It will be a real pleasure for his dominant male subconscious to seduce you. So you should never facilitate that task.

3. Zero exclusivity.

While he has not manifested himself, or shown himself openly interested, you have no ties to bind yourself to him. So you must play a little with his jealousy, so you will even achieve a virile confrontation between him and some other suitor you have.

If he decides to look at you, you can move your eyelashes innocently, and continue with what you’re doing, you’ll see how the boy you like will turn his head so he can see you. If he approaches you in a “gallant” plan, do not respond much, as you can look like an easy girl.

4. Take care of your image.

It’s a bit unfair, but that’s life. We live in a society where appearance plays a key role in many areas.

I’m sure you know how to get the best out of yourself, and if not, you can always go to someone you trust to help you.

Learn to value yourself and feel comfortable with yourself. Once you achieve this, you will reflect it towards others.

No doubt you will get his attention.

5. Show yourself challenging.

If he is an extremely shy boy, you can make that factor play in your favor.

In this case, you should take the initiative. You can approach him and have the first conversation with him.

This way you will always be in the domain of the situation.

6. Always show your best smile.

Boys do not like women who look bored, or who always have a bad face.

So always show a positive attitude in life, this will help to show yourself always relaxed and with a smile almost permanent.

This must arise naturally. Nice people always attract good people around them, and will undoubtedly make the guy you like to come to you.

7. About gestures.

It is essential that you work on the naturalness of your gestures, in this way you will be able to attract the attention of those around you, without him being an exception.

If you manage to manage that aura of positive body gestures, you will have your goal as close as possible.

8. Self-confidence.

Every woman is beautiful when she is convinced of being so, and this is reflected without remedy.

Surely there is some part of your physique that you especially like more than another. So you can work on highlighting that.

You must feel totally comfortable to call his attention, and being attracted by the beauty you let him see.

The look, the smile, and a good conversation should be 3 components that are handled consecutively, and in a correct manner.

9. Do not just surround yourself with friends.

You should know that men have the ego through the clouds, and for them, it would be very difficult to accept a rebuff or rejection.

For this reason, it will be very difficult for him to approach you if you always surround yourself with friends.

If you do, try at some point to stay alone, so that he feels confident enough to approach you.

10. Do not go too fast.

Things well done were never done in a hurry. So you should take this with patience.

When you have the first contact with him, or if you already have it, do not talk about the future, and enjoy the present, and wait for him to be the one who has the initiative to want to see you again.