Things that excite men

Not all men are equal, and over tastes, there is nothing written, however, there are some things that tend to excite almost all men.

It is important to clarify that there is a difference between the things that excite them and the things that seem sensual to them.


We already know that men are aroused by lingerie, role plays, dirty words in the ear, among other things. But today we want to show you other types of things, the sensual ones, that can also lead to exciting them.

Pay attention!

Things that excite men

# 7 A woman who shows no taboos.

No doubt a woman with confidence in bed is very stimulating for men.

That is willing to try new things and to innovate, to please her partner will undoubtedly generate more desire.

Go ahead and tell him what you would like to try, let yourself be guided by what you feel will stimulate him.

# 6 The woman who feels comfortable with her body.

Many times women get carried away by the complexes or feel insecure, but showing confidence and attitude and not being ashamed is the key to stimulate and enjoy.

Put aside the complexes in bed, enjoy what you want and show yourself proud, he will love it!

# 5 A woman who laughs.

Laughter is fundamental not only in privacy but in daily life. A woman who is cheerful and laughs will surely stimulate her man.

The smile is a great weapon of seduction and to be able to laugh and enjoy sex and not being afraid of being decontracted, is a great stimulant.

# 4 Feeling wanted by the woman.

Definitely, men love to feel wanted by women.

The man who feels loved, desired and admired, will show much more desire in privacy.

They love to see that they attract you and conquer you, so do not hesitate to tell him how much you like him or how well you spend it with him.

# 3 The closeness, the physical proximity.

Something that surely stimulates them is the closeness, talking to him near the ear or his mouth will drive him crazy!

Even the little things like when you go up the elevator and almost subtly brush his hand, are great stimulants.

Not to mention if you cover his eyes and talk to him near the ear or brush his body.

# 2 A woman capable of surprising them.

A woman with initiative, not only in privacy but in all areas of her life, is very stimulating for men.

In privacy, cheer up to take the reins, surprise him with small details like preparing a bath for the two or something different that puzzles him.

# 1 A woman sure of herself.

A self-confident woman, who knows what she wants in life and also in bed, is very exciting.

Never doubt what you want, let yourself be carried away by what you feel and what generates pleasure and enjoyment, that will undoubtedly stimulate you!

Each person is different and that is why there are no infallible recipes in sex.

But do not hesitate to let yourself go, enjoy, show yourself proud of your body and encourage more.

With small details, he will notice the difference and so you will surprise him and encourage him for sure.

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