Things That Every Man Dies To Hear From You

Men are very cautious in giving their heart to a woman. The word commitment is usually not in their dictionary since they love their freedom.

However, there comes an age when men and women mature, they are ready to formalize a relationship and have a family.

They leave aside the beliefs of being libertines and in reality, they only want to have a woman by their side that complements them, supports them and is their companion for life.

What are these mature men waiting for when they already have a relationship?

In fact, they only wait to know their future wife thoroughly, to remove fears and doubts in order to give their heart.

So women can intervene to make that commitment possible and show men that they are special, wonderful and charming.

Things That Every Man Dies To Hear From You

How will you do it?

1. Show him that you love him as he is.

Many times men fear to defraud the woman of their life, for that reason, they will always try to hide their faults.

This is not very healthy since when they want to formalize, the woman can take many surprises.

Men die to hear that they are loved as they are, with their virtues and defects, which are unique and special.

2. That you need them.

Most men love to hear that you need them, that they are a fundamental part of your life and that they are capable of solving your problems:

Feeling the heroes, feeling brave and that they can save their damsel in danger.

3. Tell him how proud you feel.

It is important to be alert when the couple manages to achieve a goal or succeeds in a project.

Or simply assess his actions and behaviors.

Never hesitate to show him how proud you feel to be by his side, tell him that he is a very responsible and dedicated man, who always ends with what he proposes himself and strives to achieve his dreams.

4. He’s fun.

Telling men that they are very funny and cheerful is a way to conquer their hearts.

When the woman of his life expresses her feelings and shows that she never gets bored by his side, it reinforces her self-esteem and security.

It does not matter if as a couple you are not doing anything fun, just enjoying his company is enough to make him fall in love.

5. Show that you feel safe.

There is nothing more conquering than to show your man that you feel safe by his side, you are not afraid of life, that he gives you peace of mind, stability, and protection.

Tell him that his hugs, kisses, and details make you a secure person.

6. Tell him you are not jealous.

All men flee from women who are jealous, so do not make the mistake of distrusting your partner.

Trust is the basis of having good communication, respect, and love.

If you think you have that problem, it is better to seek professional help, since jealousy is often caused by problems in past relationships.

7. Tell him that he enchants you.

Raising the self-esteem and ego of the person you love is very easy.

When you tell your partner that he makes you feel special, that his eyes, his hands, his hair or whatever you like physically of him, elevates you to heaven.

Men love to hear that they are very good at intimacy, so take advantage and express your feelings and emotions.

8. Show that his intelligence surprises you.

His ability to solve problems easily impresses you because you have always longed to be with an intelligent person that fulfills everything you need.

He always has interesting conversation topics and you learn a lot from him.

The reality with confidence, respect, knowing how to listen to the needs of the couple, will make men give you their hearts.

Do not forget to be yourself, without hiding anything, project security and self-love.