Things That Attract Men And You Keep Ignoring

A study reveals some data about things that can represent a complex for you, that causes you insecurity, but for men, they are details that they like, some things that attract them without you having any idea.

Things That Attract Men And You Keep Ignoring

1. Washed face.

Many women do not dare to let themselves be seen without a drop of makeup, but what they do not know is that men find that natural look very attractive, they prefer to see you without mascara, blush, shadows, and lipstick.

The study that revealed this was directed by Mo Kurimbokus in the United Kingdom.

2. The curves.

Although many women find it uncomfortable to be overweight, women with curves look pretty to men.

You can use the clothes with which you feel most favored without showing too much, but also not trying to hide these attributes because they like them.

3. Wearing shirts.

Something that they find very seductive is to see you dressed in their own shirts, to feel comfortable with their clothing, it is a sign of confidence and they love the feeling of seeing you with their clothes, it gives them a magical feeling as if it were something possessive when wearing their clothes.

4. Accept your age with dignity.

According to the study, the wrinkles you may have on your skin, for them is a sign of maturity and experience, they do not dislike them at all, they like to have the opportunity to chat with an interesting woman who accepts with dignity the passage of time and is not ashamed

5. The imperfections.

The details that cause you a lot of insecurity such as stretch marks, for them go unnoticed in intimacy, you can feel comfortable with your body, they are not interested in exploring your skin, what they like is to feel you close and enjoy the moment.

6. Unconcerned attitude.

Men are not at all interested in your clothes combining, in fact when you wear carefully chosen underwear, it gives the feeling that you expect something to happen in the intimacy, then, when your underwear does not match, they think you did not plan to have Intimacy, they like that feeling.

7. Barefoot.

The feet are a symbol of sensuality when you walk barefoot you represent a rebellious and natural woman, their imagination flies, thinking what you could do.

8. That you are somehow distracted.

Those moments when you try to tell him something or tell a joke and you stay in the middle because you do not remember what else follows, you could be ashamed but it causes tenderness on them, makes him want to hug you and kiss you, do not you worry.