Things That A Man That Loves You Forever Does

Pleasant, with high aspirations, thoughtful, with a good sense of humor, with firm and generous character, these are some of the characteristics that all women like to look for in the so-called “perfect man” or better yet, in that one that will love you for forever.

When it comes to looking for a partner, two things specifically affect you: your physical appearance and your personality.

It is not a secret to you that most women, not to say all of them, are attracted to a man of normal complexion; that is, with a height and a proportionate weight, not much muscle, but neither extreme thinness. Everything has its limit!

Obviously, everything enters by sight, but after analyzing his physical appearance, for women, the behavior he has with you is much more important.

If the man you date or have a relationship with for several months often does these things, be very happy because he will love you forever.

Things That A Man That Loves You Forever Does

1. Never forces you to do things you do not want.

A man who is able to respect your time, your decisions and does not force you to do something you do not want. Convince yourself that he is a person who will love you for your whole life.

He understands that you and he are completely different people, so he does not pretend you act as he would.

2. Listen carefully.

It is so wonderful to meet a man who will never change his feeling of love for you because he is the kind of man who pays attention to every detail, analyzes it and then gives you his opinion or even advises you on how to proceed to make the best decision.

One who does not really love you simply notes that when you speak to him he is in any other place, except with you.

3. He does not slow you down.

When a man really loves you, he lets you fly free, he does not put obstacles on you, much less he tries to stop your dreams and goals.

He does it because he wants to see you happy and he is sure that one day you will return to his side.

He is not able to tell you phrases like: “If you leave, everything is over”, “if you prefer to go and look for your dream, it is because you do not love me” …

If he does it, it is time to let him go and not to feel bad because the boy who loves you will always want happiness for you and evidently right now you have not reached it.

4. Cares for you.

For him, it means going into the kitchen to prepare your breakfast and surprise you in bed or even stay with you when you have a cold.

Those details make you fall in love and convince you that you are with the right man.

5. He reminds you how much he misses you.

It’s not that he does it every day but that his way of remembering how much he enjoys being by your side is by surprising you with a text message in the middle of the office meeting with:

“I hope you go well, I miss you “,” I love thinking about you, I want to have you near “…

6. He is not ashamed of showing his love in public.

The physical contact or expressing that he loves you transcends the sexual.

You know it because without any reason he kisses you, hugs you or winks at you in public without any grief.

7. He is always available to help you.

When you love someone, you not only do it in good times but also in bad times.

I had a friend who confessed to me that in one of her most complicated economic crises her boyfriend and now husband was the one who paid her bills, did the shopping and invited her to dinner whenever he could, as long as she forgot for a while about her bad streak.

8. He does not pretend to change you, he loves you just as you are.

For him, there is no better way to show that he loves you than by respecting your way of being, your defects and virtues.

He loves you for the woman he met and not for your past.

Girls, “Stay with the man who kisses you like crazy, makes love to you as a pervert, treats you like a lady and loves you like nobody else”.